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5 Easy to Grow Vegetables to Plant in a Garden this Month

Senior Care in Wayland, MA – April is National Garden Month

senior woman holding basket of vegetablesApril is National Garden Month and for any senior relying on home care who has expressed an interest in gardening, now is the time to begin talking about it. Whether or not the senior had any previous experience gardening shouldn’t really matter.

It is easy to get started, even for complete beginners of any age. As long as they have enough physical support from another individual to help till the soil, plant the seeds or vegetables, weed on a regular basis, water the garden, and tend to all of the plants, there’s no reason why any senior should have to skip out on this wonderful activity.

Below are five vegetables that are incredibly easy to maintain, which can be beneficial for seniors who have difficulty getting around on their own. Even if they rely on a home care provider for only a few days a week, the garden should still maintain its healthy appearance and productivity with limited attention.

1. Lettuce. Nothing beats making a wonderful salad with your own home grown lettuce. There are many different types of lettuce, including head lettuce, leaf lettuce, spinach, and even arugula. The best way to get the garden started is with successive sowings every two weeks, which will help to space out the harvest through the late summer and autumn months.

2. Cucumbers. Without proper maintenance and trimming them back, cucumber plants will spread out. Make sure to provide enough room for these plants to stretch. It’s advisable to begin checking the garden for small cucumbers that begin to ripen in the middle of summer and through the end of the season.

3. Carrots. Carrots are one of the heartiest vegetables you can grow. They require very little maintenance and do great under many conditions. Just keep an eye on certain animals that have a tendency to prefer eating these vegetables right from the ground.

4. Green beans. There are many different types of green beans, but most of them are relatively easy to cultivate and grow. Focusing on bush beans will see more productivity and more beans growing by the end of the season.

5. Tomatoes. Tomato plants don’t require a great deal of water, but need plenty of sunlight. As long as they get these two things, they should continue producing fruit throughout the season.

As long as you are willing to assist in gardening with your loved one this summer, it’s time to start planning the garden, tilling the soil, and getting everything ready. With these five vegetables, the senior should be able to enjoy some wonderful flavors this summer and fall.

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