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How to Help a Modest Elderly Loved One Bathe

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White themed bathroomEventually, you’re going to come to a point where you need to help your elderly loved one to bathe or to shower safely. If your loved one is extremely modest, she may not feel very comfortable accepting your assistance during bath time. Employing some of these strategies can help quite a bit.

Ensure Privacy During Bath Times

If there are windows or extra doors in the bathroom, make sure that they’re all closed and that your loved one is ensured of having privacy. Consider locking any doors as well, but only if you’re in the room with her during her bath or shower. If your loved one feels that no one else will be able to walk into the room while she’s bathing, she may feel more at ease.

Use a Towel During Bathing

Some elderly loved ones are extremely modest about being nude with someone else, even if you’re her caregiver. Try draping a small towel or a large washcloth over your loved one’s front and wash underneath as needed. The draping may be awkward at first, but it can give your elderly loved one a much greater sense of security.

Avert Your Own Gaze

Your loved one might be sensitive to you looking at her, even if you’re using coverings during the bath. This can be difficult to maneuver around, but one solution is to avert your own gaze as much as you can. As you and your loved one go through this process more often, it’s possible that she’ll become calmer and less restrictive about where you can look.

Prepare Towels and Clothes in Advance and Be Quick with Them

Make sure that you have clean, dry towels and your loved one’s fresh clothing ready to go for immediately after her bath. Wrap her in a towel and help her to dry off while still keeping her covered as much as possible. Help your loved one to get dressed again as quickly as possible so that she can feel safely covered much sooner.

If your loved one is significantly embarrassed about having a family member’s help, consider bringing in a non-medical caregiver who can offer assistance with the many tasks of daily living, including bathing.

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