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Most Recent Posts from February, 2016

  • 4 Tips for Convincing Your Elderly Loved One to Be More Active

    Elderly Care in Sudbury MA Often an elderly loved one may start to avoid activities that she used to enjoy. Some even go so far as to avoid getting out of bed or spending all their time watching ... Read More
  • 4 Tips for Helping Your Loved One with COPD Start an Exercise Program

    Senior Care in Framingham MA Quite often a loved one with COPD is not excited about the prospect of exercising. But the reality is that exercise is really good for someone who has COPD, within reason. ... Read More
  • Home Care Activities: Felt Ball Coasters

    Home Care in Wellesley, MA Making crafts together is a wonderful way to support a stronger relationship between your parents and you or their non-medical caregiver. They can also help them to maintain ... Read More