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4 Tips for Convincing Your Elderly Loved One to Be More Active

Elderly Care in Sudbury MA

Often an elderly loved one may start to avoid activities that she used to enjoy. Some even go so far as to avoid getting out of bed or spending all their time watching television. This can lead to withdrawing from friends and family and even depression. It’s important to encourage your elderly loved one to become more active, and here are some ways that you can do that.

Look for Activities that She Enjoys

Sometimes an elderly loved one might avoid being more active because she fears that she can’t do the things that she used to do. More often, your loved one needs to modify how she does certain activities or she simply has to take her time. One example is gardening. If your loved one used to garden for hours at a time, maybe now she can only spend an hour or so a week tending fewer plants. Sometimes it’s about compromise.

Bring Activities and People to Her

Other times your loved one may not be able to get out and about like she used to, so that leaves her with a “why bother” sort of feeling. Try bringing activities and people to her. Bring in non-medical caregivers who can serve as companions or who can help with light exercise and other activities. Sometimes your loved one may just feel the need for a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Consider a Pet

This isn’t an option for everyone, of course, but sometimes loved ones need to feel that they are capable of caring for something else. Maybe for your loved one that’s a dog or a cat, but it can also be a fish that your loved one feeds and someone else maintains the tank. Tailor your ideas to your loved one’s abilities, preferences, and medical conditions to make the best match.

Maybe Volunteering is an Option

If your loved one is still capable, it’s possible that she’s missing a sense of purpose in her days. Find out if she’d like to volunteer with a local agency. It’s amazing how often someone just needs to feel needed somewhere in order to put that spark back into their days. Your loved one doesn’t have to overdo it, either. Spending an hour a week reading to kids at the library’s story time may do the trick.

Talk with your loved one about what sorts of activities she might be interested in to find the right blend of activities.

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