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Giving Your Parent an Emotional Boost on Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Home Care in Norwood MA

Elderly woman and caregiver playing cardsJuly 11 is Cheer Up the Lonely Day. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to take some time to give your parent an emotional boost that can help them to feel better, stay stronger, and enjoy a higher quality of life. Loneliness and isolation are extremely common issues among elderly adults. This can happen because the senior’s social circle has diminished over time due to loss and relocation, they have challenges and limitations that prevent them from getting out of the house regularly, or they are simply more susceptible to this feeling of loneliness due to no longer being able to do the activities that they used to do alone. While loneliness and isolation can be challenging for anyone, they can be detrimental to your elderly parent. Seniors who suffer from loneliness and isolation are far more likely to experience issues such as depression, anxiety, loss of motivation, and even increased rate of physical decline. Finding ways to reduce this loneliness and isolation and give your parent an emotional boost will support improved perspective, better health, and a longer, more fulfilling life.

Try some of these ways to give your parent an emotional boost on Cheer Up the Lonely Day:

  • Have a non-care visit. When you are a family caregiver it is easy to forget that the time that you spend with your parent is often not true quality time. Instead it is spent caring for your parent. Whether this is grocery shopping, paying their bills, cleaning their house, or helping them bathe and dress, these care efforts tend to do little to ease loneliness and isolation. If you hurry through them and leave quickly, they can even increase these painful feelings. Plan for a non-care visit with your parent to show that you love them and want to spend quality time with them. Go on an outing, do a special craft together, or just sit and enjoy coffee and a conversation.
  • Schedule talks. You do not have to visit your parent in person to help ease their loneliness and isolation. If you are a distance caregiver you can help to control these feelings by scheduling time to talk with them on the phone or by video chat. Consider gifting them a simple cell phone that they can have with them so that you can call and talk frequently.
  • Consider home care. One of the fastest ways to ease your parent’s loneliness and get their emotions higher is starting home care. A non-medical caregiver can not only act as a supplementary companion and source of social interaction for your parent, but can also provide transportation that ensures your parent can get out of the house and interact with others more regularly. This enables them to stay active, participate in activities that they enjoy, and have things to look forward to, which all combine to create better mental, emotional, and cognitive health as they age in place.

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