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4 Tips for Traveling by Air With an Elderly Loved One With Mobility Issues

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If you’re planning to travel by air with your loved one who has mobility issues, you might worry that it’s an impossible idea. The truth is that there are plenty of things that you and the airline can do to make the journey pleasant.

Contact the Airline First

Let the airline know that your elderly loved one has mobility issues and find out their policies and procedures. They may be able to let you know about several different ways to make your loved one’s travel time more pleasurable. You’ll need to know what the airline will do with your loved one’s assistive devices, if he uses any. If possible, get the information in writing, either in the form of an email or a letter if you’re planning well in advance. That way if you have any problems when you’re actually at the airport, you can point to what the airline representatives let you know the process was.

Reserve an Aisle Chair

An aisle chair is a narrow chair that can fit easily through the aisle of an airplane. You’ll need to reserve one for your loved one in advance, so do that during the time that you make your reservations. You’ll definitely want an aisle flight if your loved one uses a wheelchair or scooter, but it’s a good idea for a loved one who uses crutches, canes, or a walker, too, especially if the flight is a long one.

Check Wheelchairs and Scooters at the Boarding Gate

Before checking any assistive devices with an airline, make sure they’re clearly labeled with your loved one’s name, address, and other contact information. You can check these items at the boarding gate, but if your loved one uses a smaller device, such as a walker or a manual wheelchair, you may be able to put them in the on-board closet in the plane instead of checking it. This can make getting off the plane easier and faster and ensures that the device won’t get lost in the checked baggage compartment.

Bring Help with You if Possible

If at all possible, bring help with you on your travels. This could be in the form of friends or family or you might be able to hire a non-medical caregiver for the traveling portions of your trip. Regardless, the more help that you have navigating the airport and the plane, the better for both you and your elderly loved one.

Planning ahead can help you and your loved one to have the best trip possible.

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