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How to Take Care of Your Own Health While Being a Family Caregiver

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Woman exercising with chairIronically, family caregivers often find that while they can take care of the other people in their lives, they often let themselves fall far down the list. This is not the right way to handle things, however, because it leaves the caregiver feeling stressed and out of sorts.

Keep Your Own Appointments

One of the first things that caregivers are likely to give up are their own appointments with doctors, counselors, and other important people in their lives. It’s essential that you’re keeping up with your own health. If you’re not, it’s difficult if not impossible to help your loved one to maintain his health. Sometimes it’s fear of leaving a loved one alone that keeps caregivers from going to their own appointments. To ease your own mind, talk to other family members about filling in for you, or for a more permanent and better solution, consider bringing in a non-medical caregiver.

Eat Right and Exercise

If you’re not putting the right fuel into your body or moving it regularly, you’re likely experiencing problems with your health. Your body wants to move and it needs the right fuel in order to keep moving. Talk with your doctor about any special dietary concerns that you might have and make sure that he okays the exercise plan that you want to put into effect. Then, stick to both your eating plan and your exercise plan.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep allows your brain and your body to cope with the stresses of life more effectively. Lack of sleep can do a lot of damage quickly. If you’re finding that you regularly are having problems sleeping, try talking with your doctor to see if you can determine the underlying causes. You might find that your brain keeps going even if your body is ready to sleep. If you find that’s the case, try writing down everything that you’re worried about or that you can’t stop thinking about to get it out of your head.

Consider Meditation or Other Relaxation Techniques

Having a regular practice of meditation or some other relaxation technique can really help you to remain centered and to relieve a lot of stress. You don’t have to spend a ton of time meditating and it doesn’t have to be perfect, either. Simply spending time quietly in reflection can be enough to help you.

If you’re not taking care of yourself, you’ll soon find yourself in no condition to take care of anyone, including your elderly loved one.

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