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Finding Portion Sizes that Work for Your Elderly Loved One

Senior Care in Newton MA

Woman checking out ice cream from refrigeratorFinding the right portion sizes for your elderly loved one can be difficult to do. Some health conditions can make it more difficult for your loved one to eat as much as she should while others can have the opposite effect. It’s all about balance.

Try Using Different Size Dishes

Some elderly loved ones see an entire dinner plate full of food and become so intimidated by all that food that they may not eat much at all. To get around that, try using smaller dishes, such as salad plates or even small bowls. This can also be a good way to convince your loved one to eat a little bit less if her serving sizes have been a bit too much.

Start Meals with Soups

Starting meals with soups is particularly helpful if you’ve been trying to up the nutritional value of your loved one’s meals but haven’t been able to get her to eat more. Serving even a few ounces of soup in a smaller bowl can help your loved one to eat a little bit more than she might have otherwise. You can also try experimenting with smoothies before meals that are full of fruits and vegetables.

Make Enough for More Later

Make sure that you always have a few servings left over in case your loved one gets hungry later. You might even want to store them in single-serving containers that can be reheated easily and stored in the freezer for later. You may be able to coax your loved one into eating a little bit more eventually if you don’t try to give her a full-size serving at the very start.

Talk to Your Loved One’s Doctor

Remember to work with your loved one’s doctor to help you figure out exact portion sizes. In some cases, you might be worried that your loved one isn’t eating enough, but she might be within her guidelines. Whenever you’re in doubt at all, it’s a good idea to talk to her doctor about what is going on.

A non-medical caregiver can also help your senior loved one stay on track with portion control recommended by their doctor.

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