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Posts from 2017

  • How Do You Learn to Be a Caregiver, Anyway? Whether you’ve known for a long time that you’re going to be a family caregiver or you’re thrust into the situation with no notice, it’s intimidating to have to figure out how to be a caregiver on your own. Talk to Your Loved One’s Doctors Start with your elderly loved one’s ... Continue Reading
  • How Can You Feel More Empowered as a Family Caregiver? Empowerment can help you get through quite a bit when you’re a family caregiver. If you’re not feeling that you have the power that you need, you’ll need to determine what changes you can make to regain that feeling. Acknowledge that You’ve Made a Choice Even if it feels ... Continue Reading
  • What Does Exercise Consist of for Your Elderly Loved One? Elder Care in Framingham MA When you think of exercise, it might be completely different from what your elderly loved one’s doctor is really recommending for her. For your loved one, especially if she’s never exercised much before, starting out slowly and with simple ... Continue Reading
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