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Simple Home Modifications That Improve Safety for Some Seniors

Elder Care in Needham MA

Stair chair liftWhen you are concerned about the safety of an elderly family member living at home, whether they’re alone or not, there may be certain home modifications that you can do to help them. Safety for seniors should always be a top priority for family members.

One of the best things anyone can do who is concerned about the safety and well-being of an aging family member is to consider hiring a home care aide. Of course, it should always be up to the senior himself or herself to determine whether or not they receive this kind of support, but an experienced home care aide can be a tremendously valuable asset for them and staying safe.

Here are some home modifications that, if considered, should be done only by an experienced contractor. By trying to do it yourself, you run the risk of making a mistake and that can cause serious safety issues that are greater than they would have been if these modifications weren’t even attempted.

Installing grab bars.

Around the tub or shower surround, grab bars can be an effective device to help seniors stay safe or get into and out of the shower. They can grab onto these bars, use them for support, and they won’t rip free from the wall, as long as they’re installed properly.

If they are not installed properly, they could rip free from the wall and then the fall could be much harder and more damaging than it might have been otherwise.

Considering stair lifts.

If there are stairs in the house, whether they lead to a second floor landing, a basement, or some other level in the structure, these stair lifts can be stowed out of the way if the senior doesn’t need them, but they can be used in the event the senior is not feeling completely strong or confident in their ability to walk up or down the stairs on a given day.

A wheelchair ramp.

Even if the senior is still walking around, but perhaps using a cane or walker from time to time, a wheelchair ramp can be a great modification to keep them safe. Instead of trying to navigate steps, even one or two outside the door, they can use a wheelchair ramp to ease down to the main walking area.

By taking on any of these home modifications, it can improve safety for most seniors within the comfort of their home.

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