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Elderly man sitting at table

Caring for a Loved One Struggling with Depression

Depression is a serious problem that affects people of all ages differently and can be tough to recognize in older members of your family. It is an illness that needs to be taken seriously because it constantly affects how a loved one is feeling and how they go about their daily routine. Depression is not a normal part of aging so it’s best to seek support to address things that are keeping a loved one from feeling happy as quickly as possible. Loneliness and a lack of activities to keep a loved one busy are common causes of depression among the elderly that can be helped with regular visits from a home caregiver.

Symptoms of depression are very different in older people than younger people so they can be difficult to pick-up with an aging loved one. The most important thing you can do to help a loved one struggling with depression is understanding the roadblocks that are discouraging their spirit, and working with them to overcome their obstacles. Depression in the elderly can be caused by a variety of things like the death of a close friend or dealing with a serious illness to a family history of trouble with the illness. It’s important to take the time to listen to a struggling loved one and make sure you understand how they feel to find the most effective care available.

Below are some common signs of depression in the elderly that can help you recognize when a loved one has a problem and find the care you need.

Griswold Home Care offers compassionate care to support a loved one and make sure their daily needs are met. Our home caregivers understand depression looks different in the elderly than it does in youth and can offer essential care and companionship to aging loved ones.

A home caregiver from Griswold Home Care will provide in-home assistance with daily activities that aging loved ones may need help with. Household help and companionship can play a big part in preventing emotional symptoms that contribute to depression. Individual Home Care Plans can also be customized so you can ensure aging loved ones have nutritional needs met to combat energy loss and they keep up with healthcare needs like medication and appointments. Get in touch with Griswold Home Care today to learn more about how regular visits from a dedicated caregiver can help a loved one struggling with depression.

If you or an aging loved one are considering non-medical in-home care in Metrowest Boston, MA, call Griswold Home Care and speak to one of our caring staff members today. Call (781) 559-0073