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Posts from 2021

  • Diet and Nutrition Tips for Your Aging Parents Diet and Nutrition Tips for Your Aging Parents It’s often been said that food is love, and what better way to show your aging parents and senior family members how much you care about them than helping them to maintain a healthy diet and develop good nutrition habits as they ... Continue Reading
  • Fall Activities for Seniors Fall is many people’s favorite season - and for good reason. It’s an especially delightful time of the year for individuals in the Northeast and especially seniors - the days aren’t blazing hot; you can take in the cool crisp fresh air. Not to mention, the orange, red, and ... Continue Reading
  • Best Summer Activities for Aging Loved Ones Does an older member of your family love to spend time outside? Summer is a time of the year that many associate with outdoor activities but the heat can cause problems for seniors. Being outside when it’s too hot out can quickly lead to dehydration and more serious issues ... Continue Reading
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