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  • How Can You Feel More Empowered as a Family Caregiver? Empowerment can help you get through quite a bit when you’re a family caregiver. If you’re not feeling that you have the power that you need, you’ll need to determine what changes you can make to regain that feeling. Acknowledge that You’ve Made a Choice Even if it feels ... Continue Reading
  • Giving Yourself a Family Caregiver Reality Check Family Caregivers in Sudbury MA In your family caregiver role it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you do not know which direction to turn. You may feel like you have taken on too much and do not know how you are going to handle it all, or like you are not putting ... Continue Reading
  • What Kinds of Housekeeping Activities Can You Take Over for Your Elderly Loved One? Caregivers in Sudbury MA One of the first set of tasks you might find yourself handling for your elderly loved one as her family caregiver may well involve housekeeping activities. These are an easy way for you to show your loved one that you care about her and that you want ... Continue Reading
  • When Should You Call the Doctor After Your Parent Experiences a Heart Attack? Family Caregivers in Weston MA The recovery period after your elderly loved one suffers a heart attack is an important time for you as a family caregiver. This is when you can give your loved one support and encouragement to take the steps and make the choices needed to help ... Continue Reading

Elderly Care

  • Senior Summer Safety Tips June, July, and August can be some of the most enjoyable months of the year. In many cases, you go from being over-scheduled to being able to enjoy some much-needed downtime. Summer arriving doesn’t mean you can take a break from all responsibilities though. Taking care of ... Continue Reading
  • How Do You Learn to Be a Caregiver, Anyway? Whether you’ve known for a long time that you’re going to be a family caregiver or you’re thrust into the situation with no notice, it’s intimidating to have to figure out how to be a caregiver on your own. Talk to Your Loved One’s Doctors Start with your elderly loved one’s ... Continue Reading
  • What Does Exercise Consist of for Your Elderly Loved One? Elder Care in Framingham MA When you think of exercise, it might be completely different from what your elderly loved one’s doctor is really recommending for her. For your loved one, especially if she’s never exercised much before, starting out slowly and with simple ... Continue Reading
  • What Are the Best Things You Can Do as a Family Caregiver for a Loved One with Arthritis? Senior Care in Framingham MA When you’re a family caregiver, you want what is best for your loved one, but you may not always be aware of everything that entails. Sometimes you need to do a little bit of research to figure out what your loved one needs most. A loved one with ... Continue Reading

Home Care

  • 5 Questions Many Families Have When an Aging Parent Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Homecare in Newton MA Questions are good. Questions help us discover how to deal with certain situations. When a family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you may have questions that need answers. Below are five questions that many families have when an elderly ... Continue Reading
  • Helping your Parent Deal with a Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Home Care in Needham MA There are a multitude of emotions that both you and your parent will experience following a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Anger, fear, denial, and resentment are just a few of the possible feelings that will arise. Helping your loved one cope with their ... Continue Reading
  • COPD and Your Aging Parent Home Care in Westwood MA COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Those with COPD usually have one or more of the following diseases: chronic bronchitis, emphysema or asthma. Nearly 4 million seniors in the U.S. have been diagnosed with this condition. Smoking ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Living Room Safety Tips for National Safe at Home Week Home Care in Sudbury MA August 22 through 25 is National Safe at Home Week. This is the ideal time for you to think about your parent’s needs and challenges and make any necessary changes in their home that can help them to stay safer as they age in place. One area of the ... Continue Reading

Home Care Resources

  • Homemaking Care for Assistance with Daily Tasks Taking care of daily tasks around the house gets tougher for many individuals as they get older. Things that used to be routine, like preparing meals or doing laundry, can take much longer to complete or get forgotten completely and severely impact the health and wellbeing ... Continue Reading
  • Home Care During COVID-19 Crisis With the concerns of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the United States increasing, Griswold Home Care wants to assure you that our top priority is the health of our clients, caregivers, and staff. As part of Griswold Home Care’s plan, we want to share the steps ... Continue Reading
  • Keep Loved Ones Safe with Home Care Support for MS Living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) can be a challenge for those who suffer from the autoimmune disease as well as their loved ones. MS is a neurological disorder that affects everyone with a diagnosis differently. Common symptoms include trouble with balance, numbness or ... Continue Reading
  • How to Help a Modest Elderly Loved One Bathe Home Care Services in Framingham MA Eventually, you’re going to come to a point where you need to help your elderly loved one to bathe or to shower safely. If your loved one is extremely modest, she may not feel very comfortable accepting your assistance during bath time. ... Continue Reading

Senior Care

  • Relax and Decompress with Home Care Support Caring for your aging loved ones is something you want to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, or that you will always have the time to do it. If you feel like you need a break from caregiving, it’s probably best to take one. Not giving yourself some downtime can ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Tips for Traveling by Air With an Elderly Loved One With Mobility Issues Senior Care in Needham MA If you’re planning to travel by air with your loved one who has mobility issues, you might worry that it’s an impossible idea. The truth is that there are plenty of things that you and the airline can do to make the journey pleasant. Contact the ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Care Observances: Als Awareness Month Senior Care in Sudbury MA May is ALS Awareness Month. Also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease after the beloved baseball player who brought awareness to the disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a disease of the neurological nervous system that extensively impacts ... Continue Reading

Senior Care Advice

  • Keep a Loved One Engaged with Companion Care Companion Care is one of our most popular services available at Griswold Home Care. Companion Care offers a special type of personalized care that is tailored to make sure a loved one stays sharp and has someone to interact with. We understand the challenges that come with ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Summer Safety Tips June, July, and August can be some of the most enjoyable months of the year. In many cases, you go from being over-scheduled to being able to enjoy some much-needed downtime. Summer arriving doesn’t mean you can take a break from all responsibilities though. Taking care of ... Continue Reading