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Caregiving Tips to Help Make the Holiday Season Extra Special

Caregiving Tips to Help Make the Holiday Season Extra Special

Reduce Holiday Loneliness & Stress with Attentive Caregiving

The holiday season can be a challenging time for seniors and caregivers alike. For many, it’s the busiest time of year. For some, it’s the loneliest time of year. At Griswold Care Pairing for Miami-Dade, we’re here to help. We can refer quality caregivers to help support and assist your elderly family members.

The caregivers we refer to clients are willing and ready to lend a helping hand. They understand how difficult it can be to balance holiday parties, doctor’s appointments, work, and other obligations. That’s why they go above and beyond to make this special holiday season more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone!

Celebrate Family Traditions that Include Everyone

We strongly believe that seniors deserve to feel the holiday cheer and merriment like anyone else! Don’t leave anyone out of the Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas morning festivities. Invite your elderly loved one to bake cookies, decorate the tree, or watch a Christmas movie. Another great family activity is to drive around town looking at Christmas lights. These traditions will make keep your elders feeling warm and appreciated.

Keep elders in the conversation about plans, recipes, and holiday decisions. Respecting their input will boost their sense of autonomy and independence. This includes inquiring what your elder wishes to eat and drink during special meals. Many seniors have trouble serving themselves meals. Let them verbally outline their portions and desired dishes. They might have new dietary restrictions or medical conditions you weren’t even considering.

When spending time together, don’t forget to spark conversations and offer opportunities for seniors to reflect on their past. Caregivers often overlook the importance of nostalgia. Many elders love to look back on their fondest memories and experiences. Holidays are an excellent time for nostalgia because of how strong holiday memories can be. Sometimes, you’ll even learn something wild and new about your loved one’s past.

Display Compassion & Warmth with Small Gestures

As a caregiver, you want to ensure your senior loved one feels cared for and loved. Don’t forget to show gratitude, sympathy, and TLC when helping them out. Sure, caregiving is an exhausting and often thankless role. But the more you lead with generosity and compassion, the better you’ll likely feel.

Sometimes, performing minor gestures, such as picking up dinner or groceries, can make all the difference for a senior. Another possible opportunity to help with is Christmas shopping. Many elders struggle to get around town and to navigate Internet shopping. Make this step easy on yourself by ordering a stack of gift cars on their behalf, satisfying everyone’s needs and anxieties in just a few minutes.

Don’t forget to show tenderness and physical affection:

  • Offer hugs and shoulder rubs whenever possible
  • Hold your elderly loved one’s hand while walking across the street
  • Kiss their forehead
  • Express your love and care in whatever manner you wish

Increase Comfort, Peace, & Relaxation

Amid all the fun and festivities, don’t forget to check in on your senior loved one’s comfort level. Ensuring they have a cozy recliner, plenty of blankets, and enough food/drink is essential to optimizing their overall well-being.

It’s also wise to ask if the holiday activities are too stressful or overwhelming. Many elders will go along with the flow simply because they don’t want to be a bother. However, they might become fatigued or over-stimulated, and need a rest. Regularly checking in with senior family members will offer them the peace of mind of knowing their energy levels are accounted for and acknowledged.

Finally, don’t forget that everyone has unique habits, tics, and ways of doing things. When it comes to the holidays, patience is pivotal. Try to keep the festivities and activities simple to avoid confusion or frustration. While it’s helpful to include elders in holiday festivities and traditions, be careful not to overwhelm them.

Let Griswold Home Care Lend a Helping Hand

Many elderly individuals struggle with frailty and mobility issues. Moreover, cognitive decline, including chronic neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, can make the holidays even more challenging. Whatever your situation, we encourage you to try your best to make the holiday season inclusive, memorable, and comfortable for everyone – regardless of health or age.

Finally, don’t forget to care for yourself. If you need extra professional caregiving assistance, give Griswold Care Pairing for Miami-Dade a call without delay. The qualified, trained, and elite caregivers we refer to you can help your elderly loved one feel cared for and included this festive season. They can also help with relieving the caregiving responsibility from those who are preparing for the holidays in cleaning, cooking, serving and clean up! Having a professional caregiver around to tend to elderly needs and wishes can make life easier and merrier for everyone!

Are you looking for caregiving services this winter season? Call Griswold Care Pairing for Miami-Dade at (305) 400-0766 today!

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