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Home Care in Monmouth County, NJ

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During the long commute to my employment in downtown Los Angeles where I worked extremely long days, I had time to reflect about what I actually wanted from a career.  I enjoyed my work and did not mind the long hours, but there were no intrinsic rewards and the position seemed somewhat empty in that sense, which led me to pursue a change in occupation.

I wanted something more, and I was also intrigued with the challenge of working for myself.  As I populated a list of business ideas and opportunities, one prospect fascinated me to the point that I thought about it none-stop, home care.  At Griswold Home Care, I would actually be directly helping individuals, and the appeal was too great to pass up.  Although the right opportunity meant relocating across the country, I was ready for it!

Making a difference in people’s lives was the actual incentive I was looking for, and twenty years later, I enjoy it more than ever as I now help my own family with home care.  As our office has grown over the years, I still make it my priority to work directly with the caregivers and our clients on a daily basis.  The work is challenging but fulfilling as I have a difficult time saying “no” to anyone who needs help.  If someone is in need of home care for themselves or a loved one, I know that, by working together, we can make it an agreeable and dignified experience for the client.  After twenty years of helping others, I still find myself reflecting on the way to work, but now it is about the level of satisfaction my career brings me on a regular basis.

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