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Home Care Jobs in North Nashville, TN

What Do Caregivers Do?

Non-medical in-home caregivers provide support with Activities of Daily Living, often known as ‘ADLs.’ ADLs are the activities you perform every day, such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals, and using the toilet. Caregivers also provide companionship, and they can also perform services like light housekeeping, laundry, or running errands. Some caregivers have specialized training in working with clients with conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, and more.

Become a Griswold-referred Caregiver

If you are interested in becoming a Griswold-referred caregiver, you will need to pass our screening process. At Griswold Home Care our golden rule is that “we only refer caregivers we would trust in our own homes.” We take that very seriously! Our screening process includes a thorough background check, an in-depth interview, and a reference review. If you are a compassionate, dedicated caregiver, then browse our opportunities below!

Hear from our Caregivers:

Nancy D.: I LOVE being a caregiver for Griswold Home Care! They never change my schedule without asking, the pay is better than other companies, office staff are friendly and considerate of my needs, and they make sure we are taking care of the clients’ needs. Griswold is a very ethical company!

Deitra B.: I love what I do and I really enjoy working for Griswold Home Care. I love the consistency and how the staff works very hard to accommodate our personal schedules and meet our needs.

Miesha W.: Working with Griswold Home Care has been a learning and rewarding experience. They care about their employees just as much as they do about their clients. There isn’t a lack of work and they make sure we are compatible with our clients. An added bonus is the flexible schedule and no pressure to take on new clients or extra shifts. Griswold is a great place to work.

Selena S.: Griswold Home Care truly values its clients and their families. The agency makes sure to match appropriate caregivers to each family, and ensures the client’s health and safety needs are considered.

Rolfe W.: Kudos to you for working on our behalf. Some other agencies look at people as numbers and not much more.

Barbara C.: About 4 years ago, I stepped away from corporate America to “help out” a dear friend of mine. She was the only child in the family. At that time she had four elderly family members for whom she was attempting to provide care. I knew nothing about caregiving other than sitting for my parents before they passed away. I caught on fast. To my surprise, I enjoyed what I was doing. Later, I came to work for Griswold Home Care of Hendersonville, Tennessee. If you love people and have compassion to care for those who can no longer care for themselves, join Griswold Home Care. The nice, kind, and professional family at Griswold will assist in matching you with the right families and ensure the families get matched with the right caregiver. Griswold invests lots of time into making sure your family member gets all the help they deserve. They are one of the best.

Pat G.: “I have been with Griswold Home Care as a caregiver for 13 years. They are my family and they are the best of the best to work for. They care about you and your family as if you were one of their own family members. They have been with me and have also cried with me during the loss of my son and my husband. They also care for their clients as if they were their own parents. They are all about family and a safe working environment and for me to be with them so many years speaks for itself. They are my family. Thank you to Griswold and all of the hard-working staff. Special thanks to Athena Sizemore she a God send.

Rebecca C.: I love working for Griswold Home Care. If anything happens, someone is always available to help. I especially love working for a company that cares about its clients and employees. I have had a few life changing events in my life since working here, and it helped tremendously being given time to get through them and without having to worry about losing my job. I also got phone calls just to make sure I was ok. This is the best company I have ever worked with. Thank you!

Cynthia E.: I’ve been with Griswold on and off for close to 15 years and it has to be one of the best in-home healthcare companies in middle Tennessee. The staff in the office is extremely caring both for the clients and the caregivers in the field. They try very hard to make a great fit between client and caregiver, and for me this has been a great success. Great place to work. I have been asked by other families about our services and all I can say is that I would entrust the care of any of my own family members to our staff, especially if I were not able to do the care myself.

Sheryl H.: Working with Griswold is a wonderful experience. I have never worked with another home care company that is very passionate about not only their clients but their caregivers. It’s a fabulous place to work. They really work hard to keep me working to assist any of our clients with their day or night. I’m especially happy to be assisted by anyone on call just in case I have any emergency. I’m proud to be part of this company.

Brandy J: I have been working with Griswold for almost a year. The staff has always been kind and hours are flexible. Any time I have had an issue it has been resolved in a private and professional manner. The families that I have worked with are always super nice and grateful, never uncomfortable. Griswold’s pay is comparable with other companies and I’ve never had a problem with payroll. I have always communicated with them and they communicate well with their staff. I have enjoyed working for them.

Kim J.: Working with Griswold is amazing. They really care about their employees and their clients. They are very understanding when it comes to your schedule and understand things happen. They go out of their way to help you anyway they can. It has been a privilege to work with Griswold.

Tammy M.: I love working for Griswold for several reasons. They are very caring for their caregivers and compassionate people, and they really keep you in hours.

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