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  • I’d Love To Come To The Party – But What’s The Point? Seniors who are hard of hearing – but physically fit and mentally alert – will often shy away from social situations. They will tell you that it’s “too noisy for me” or “I just don’t feel up to it today.” If you suggest that they get involved at a senior center the reaction ... Continue Reading

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  • How To Engage With Your Loved One Who Is In the Dementia Unit of a Facility Is your loved one in the locked dementia area of a facility? Are you unable to visit your loved one due to the pandemic? Here are some tips on how you can continue to engage…….. Each facility is unique and they have their own procedures/processes and protocols. If you are ... Continue Reading
  • What Are We Doing Today? I originally wrote this article several years ago – long before the COVID-19 virus. When I took the time tonight to re-read it, I realized that this concept of having a plan every day was even more important during these times of self-isolation. When you ask centenarians the ... Continue Reading
  • Home Care: Is This Something You Should Consider? Are you considering non-medical home care for yourself or a loved one? Does the thought of having a virtual stranger in your home give you an uneasy feeling? Well…you are not alone. These feelings are real and that is why it is to your advantage to learn about home care and ... Continue Reading
  • I May Be Hard of Hearing, But You Don’t Have to Shout No matter how old you are, I will bet that on at least one occasion, you’ve had a conversation with a friend, family member, business associate, or even a stranger who was hard of hearing. The natural tendency in this situation is to yell or shout. This makes common sense, ... Continue Reading