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A Day in the Life of a Griswold Home Care Franchisee

Griswold Home Care, the 168-unit non-medical home care franchise with 40 years of experience providing quality home care to the elderly, disabled adults and those recovering from illnesses, is continuing to appeal to savvy entrepreneurs as the growing senior population and the COVID-19 pandemic create a steadily increasing need for quality home care. Now, the brand’s franchise opportunity allows passionate entrepreneurs to provide that helping hand while also benefiting from the brand’s streamlined operations, in-depth franchisee support and proven business model.

But what can prospective franchisees interested in joining the thriving brand expect in terms of their actual day-to-day life? Beth Copeland, the franchise owner of Griswold Home Care’s Kent/Sussex County office in Delaware, says they can expect a meaningful, fulfilling and engaging career. 

The Road to Griswold Home Care Ownership

Copeland has 24 years of experience in nursing and health care consulting. She has a Master of Science in Nursing degree from Duke University, and her broad experience has resulted in a passion for the elderly, specifically helping families care for their spouses, parents or other loved ones with affordable, quality care.

“I spent most of my career consulting for healthcare companies,” said Copeland. “I stopped for a while to raise my kids, and when I came back I started working at the Kent/Sussex County Griswold Home Care office in 2014. I had spent many years taking care of my grandfather through his prolonged illness. He did not want to go to hospital, but he was bed-bound, and he really couldn’t stay home. He ended up dying at the hospital and his last words were: ‘don’t let me die here.’ That experience really stuck with me, and when I found the opportunity to help other people age comfortably at home with Griswold, I knew it was a mission I could be proud of.”

Elderly adults and adults with disabilities or illnesses have many unique needs, which is why Griswold Home Care offers a wide variety of services to accommodate their clients. The brand’s care plans are customized to fit each client and can be adjusted as their needs change over time. The home care services include homemakingpersonal carecompanion carehospice carerespite carelive-in overnight care and more.

Copeland first worked as the director of the Kent/Sussex County Griswold office, where she says she was able to learn everything about the business and how to lead the team successfully. When the opportunity came up to purchase the location from the previous owner in 2019, Copeland already knew she would be a great fit for the job.

The Day-to-Day Life of a Griswold Home Care Owner

As a Griswold Home Care franchisee, Copeland says there is never a dull day. Her first task after arriving in the office each morning is typically to touch base with all staff members, check in on any pressing issues and get the lay of the land. 

“From there, I will usually focus on marketing and reaching out to potential clients,” Copeland said. “I’m also constantly looking at research, whether it be health care industry statistics or local insights, I’m always looking for ways to expand the business. Especially with minimum wage rising, our rates are increasing, and as a private pay industry, I am always looking at new angles to see how we can be different from competitors.” 

Additionally, Copeland says a lot of her time is spent on billing, troubleshooting and customer service. “I am here as a backdrop for the people we interact with — new client visits, answering phones, interviewing caregivers, training staff — I try to meet everybody and create a welcoming atmosphere,” she said. “This is really a people business, so you have to be prepared to deal with people. But that is what I love about it.”

Throughout all of her daily tasks, Copeland says the Griswold Home Care team is there to support her and answer any questions. ??The team knows Griswold Home Care’s success is dependent upon its franchisees’ success, which is why they work hard to provide ongoing support and roll out initiatives and programs to help franchisees optimize revenue. Since the brand operates several company-owned offices in the Mid-Atlantic region, the team can develop best practices and share them with franchisees. 

“We have a great new recruiting manager and also an incredible marketing tool that is constantly being updated,” said Copeland. “If you need assistance, you can contact the office anytime, and they are more than willing to help solve your problems. Each day is really spent trying to figure out the best way to service our clients. The team is very approachable and is there to help you succeed.”

A Scalable and Well-Positioned Opportunity

Since Copeland took over ownership of the Griswold Home Care office in late 2019, she says she never could have predicted the challenges that would come a few months later with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“At first it was very difficult, but we gathered the troops together and thought about how to market to show people that it was safer to be at home rather than in a facility,” said Copeland. “Slowly but surely, the numbers went right back up, and even though we are still in the midst of it, we have continued to garner trust, and the people that call are happy with how we manage our caregivers. We’ve seen steady growth this year, and we are officially beyond our pre-COVID sales level.” 

In markets all over the country, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an even greater demand for safe, comfortable and quality home care, which means Griswold Home Cares’ services have been more needed than ever.

Today, Copeland owns two territories, and says she is excited to see what the future brings. 

“The thing I love most about the day-to-day life of Griswold ownership is the opportunity to help people and maintain founder Dr. Jean Griswold’s vision,” Copeland said. “There is nothing better than when a client calls and thanks you for helping their family through COVID or tells you they love their caregivers. The work and care we put into each client pays off, and everyone in the office is committed to providing the best help possible. That is the overall goal, and I am excited to keep that mission going.”

Now, Griswold Home Care is gearing up for strategic growth throughout the country and is continuing to seek compassionate, empathetic individuals like Copeland who want to follow a fulfilling path and make an impact on people in their community.

The cost to open a Griswold Home Care franchise ranges from $108,181 to $181,431, including a $49,500 franchise fee. For more information on franchising with Griswold Home Care, visit