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Cognitive Enhancement Program in Northern Virginia

Cognition is at the Center of Everything We Do

Whether paying bills, preparing a meal, learning new skills and hobbies, even tending to our personal hygiene, we rely on memory, perception, reasoning and other cognitive processes to not only function but thrive. As we age, the preservation of cognitive function is vital to maintaining a healthy, active, and independent lifestyle.

Viewing cognition as a continuum, spanning from normal cognition to severe dementia, may be useful but it is limiting. Where each person falls on the cognitive continuum is highly specific and individualized. When we have this level of insight, we can make recommendations that will potentially improve working memory and enhance quality of life through engagement.

The Best Non-Medical Approach to Supporting Those with Cognitive Impairment

As a proven leader in providing person-centered care at home, Griswold NoVA West is committed to helping individuals and their families meet the challenges presented by memory and other cognitive impairment. Through an exclusive partnership with the BCAT® (Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool) Organization, we are the only private duty home care company authorized to offer its BCAT® Cognitive Enhancement Program to clients. The BCAT® is an evidenced based and widely used cognitive assessment tool created by Dr. William Mansbach, a Maryland-based geriatric and mental health psychologist. The Cognitive Enhancement Program powered by BCAT® is a unique and effective way of helping individuals improve memory skills, prevent further memory decline and, in cases of advanced dementia, promote meaningful engagement.

As a BCAT® Certified Home Care Organization, Griswold NoVA West’s specially trained staff offers cognitive screening, family coaching, and individualized activities utilizing the BCAT® Approach . . . all in the comfort of your loved one’s home. These scientifically validated tools are proven to improve working memory and promote independence for those with mild cognitive impairment and enhance meaningful engagements with those with dementia.

Research has shown that when a person completes cognitive stimulation exercises, their ability to perform activities of daily living improves. Mental stimulation is thought to be vital for healthy cognitive functioning and frequent mental exercises that "work" attention and memory skills are particularly important. The primary tools of the BCAT® Cognitive Enhancement Program are:

The BCATâWorking Memory Exercise Book – a book of exercises that improve working memory and independence. These exercises are based on the best neuroscience evidence available while at the same time designed to be practical and accessible.

MemPics® books – this collection of 12 books is designed to engage the individual with memory loss in fun and engaging activities and meaningful, directed conversations. Each book utilizes familiar pictures and themes that encourage recall and discussion of past interests, experiences, and roles.

All caregivers employed by Griswold NoVA West are trained to use these tools with their clients. During ourinitial consultation, we will administer the BCAT®-Short Form (which takes less than 10 minutes) to your loved one and use these results to help determine the most appropriate cognitive activities for them.

Do you wonder if your forgetfulness is normal for your age?

Do you sometimes wonder if your loved one might have cognitive impairment?

Do you love someone with dementia, but struggle with how to have positive conversations with them?

While age is the primary risk factor for cognitive impairment, it is certainly not the only one. Chronic conditions such as Parkinson's disease, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes and hypertension can result in a decline in cognitive ability, as can brain injury and infection. Regardless of the cause, there are steps that can be taken to help build cognitive reserve, improve function and enhance quality of life.

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