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Home Care in Ocean County, NJ

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Hello, I’m Pat Roslansky, Director of your local Griswold Home Care Ocean County office. Before joining Griswold, I enjoyed my work and did not mind the long hours. Yet, something was missing. There were no intrinsic rewards and my position seemed somewhat empty in that sense, which led me to look for an alternate opportunity.

I was intrigued by the challenge of working for myself. I also wanted to do something that would help to better people’s lives. I soon became entranced by home care.

Griswold Home Care offers me the opportunity to directly help individuals; the appeal of this business opportunity was too great to pass up. I relocated from Los Angeles to New Jersey to make my dream a reality.

I’ve found the incentive I was looking for: making a difference in people’s lives. Twenty years later, I enjoy it more than ever as I now help my own family with home care. As our office has grown over the years, I still make it my priority to work directly with the caregivers and our clients on a daily basis. The work is challenging but fulfilling as I have a difficult time saying “no” to anyone who needs help. If someone is in need of home care for themselves or a loved one, I know that, by working together, we can make it an agreeable and dignified experience for the client. After twenty years of helping others, I still find myself reflecting on the way to work, but now it is about the level of satisfaction my career brings me on a regular basis.

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