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Young man helping elderly women into car

Three Means For Senior Transportation

Physical challenges — such as diminished eyesight, poor night vision, hearing loss, and limited mobility — can all lead to an elderly person losing their ability to drive. No longer being able to drive can have a huge impact on one’s lifestyle. A major part of a person’s independence is taken away when driving is no longer an option. It’s important that transportation is a vital part of your loved one’s care. Seniors need to shop for food and necessities, attend medical and non-medical appointments, participate in church or community groups, and visit friends and family.

What are some ways seniors can get around if they are no longer driving? In this blog, we’ll list three ways elders can find transportation that works great for their needs. Getting from point A to point B can become difficult when you no longer have an easy means of transportation sitting in the driveway. These suggestions can help.

Public Transportation

Most local counties in the U.S. offer free and/or affordable transportation exclusively for seniors. There are multiple kinds of public transport for elders, whether it be regular metros, accessible busses, or others that are specifically designated for seniors. EldercareLocator will help you find a multitude of services for the elderly, not just those related to transportation. This website has a section devoted to transportation in your area which can be accessed by typing in your zip code. It will also lead you to your local Area Agency on Aging. This service will also have transportation service information.

Personal Transportation

There are many wonderful apps that allow seniors to catch a ride to where they need to go. Services like Uber and Lyft are great for getting around when you do not have a car or can no longer drive. If your elderly family member has a smart phone, they can easily find a ride through these apps. You can download the app for them and teach them how to use it. You can even ride the first couple of rides with them to help them feel more comfortable. If you have an elderly loved one who is not a fan of smartphones, GoGoGrandparent is a service that can book a Lyft or Uber for a senior. They can be accessed online through a computer or by calling a phone number, and rides can be booked in advance. This website employs concierge team members who help with rides and deliveries using Door Dash and Instacart.

Family members may have a hard time transporting seniors to medical appointments that happen during work hours. A new rideshare program called Veyo exists specifically to provide non-emergency medical transport. Veyo’s Independent Driver Providers “meet strict healthcare standards and participate in ADA education, CPR certification, and HIPAA, Sensitivity, and Medical Needs training. They undergo drug testing and multi-level background checks to ensure safety and the highest level of quality.” They are not just transportation for seniors in wheelchairs — they can even help those with limited or no mobility or a more serious medical condition.

Friends and Family Members

We assume that either you or another family member will be able to drive your elderly loved one to destinations most of the time. However, schedules can get busy with multiple generations, and time conflicts will inevitably arise. If you have a trustworthy family friend from either work, church or your other involvements, you can ask them. Some churches and community groups give rides to their members who need them as a ministry or outreach.

At Griswold Home Care, our clients know they will have the assistance from a professional caregiver any time they need it. Referred caregivers can provide incidental transportation, help with grocery shopping, and provide accompaniment to medical appointments. Whether circumstances require just a few hours in the morning or evening to extended hours of care throughout the day, we refer kind and experienced caregivers that will assist with any daily and non-medical needs. They’ll develop a relationship with your family member, ensuring they feel comfortable and cared for in their own home. If you have any questions, call 407-638-8116, and we’ll be happy to answer them!

If you or an aging loved one are considering non-medical in-home care in Greater Orlando, FL, call Griswold Home Care and speak to one of our caring staff members today. Call (407) 638-8116