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2 Ways for Helping Seniors with Dementia

We at Griswold Home Care of Orlando care for our patients with dementia. There are many ways to help seniors with dementia, but in this article, we are going to present two effective and friendly ways that uplift dementia patients.

Pet therapy has proved to be beneficial for seniors diagnosed with dementia. It is also known as animal-assisted therapy. For non-pet people, this may sound a little odd, but research has shown that such pet therapy does help seniors. Since dementia patients have a difficult time communicating, a pet works as something they can talk to without feeling judged or confused. The pets simply provide another form of care. Also, studies have shown that petting the animals and interacting with them reduces heart rate and produces a calming effect. Just being near to and taking care of an animal gives the elder a sense of purpose and the feeling of being loved. Any interaction with their pet also provides a level of mental stimulation. Cats, dogs, birds, and aquariums are common forms of pet assistance, and all have been found to produce positive results.

Interaction with people is also very crucial for seniors with dementia. Dementia patients have a difficult time socializing with heightened anxiety and behavioral changes. However, it is still helpful and effective for dementia patients to converse with and be around other people. Being engaged with others helps them improve their focus and overall brain health. So, how can you assist your loved one with dementia with socializing?

First, it is good to know the best and most respectful ways to interact with seniors who have dementia. Use facial expressions and a tone of voice that demonstrates a positive and calm tone and avoid loud or sudden noises. Use simple sentences and speak slowly and clearly, so you can ensure they hear and understand you. It is also good to know what their schedule may be like, so you know the appropriate times to visit with them. Be prepared to repeat yourself a few times and listen patiently to a story you may have already heard. Consider doing something else while talking like walking or looking at photos to help the encounter flow smoothly. When you visit with seniors, you help combat loneliness and provide an activity that helps them strengthen their sense of time and place.

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