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Traveling With Your Senior Loved One

Traveling is an especially important spice to add to the food of life, even when you’re a senior. Lack of or difficulty in mobility doesn’t have to be an excuse not to travel to a place your elderly loved one has been itching to go. Whether it be an area they’ve never been before, or they want to visit their old stomping grounds, there are ways to assist seniors on the trip so you all can enjoy every minute of it.

Since COVID-19 has made traveling harder to do, some places may not be as accessible for elders. However, with guidelines in place and the vaccines rolling out, health safety regarding the coronavirus is effective. Hand washing and sanitizing, mask wearing, and social distancing should be remembered when interacting with seniors.

Before you travel, you will need to assess your senior’s health and plan ahead for possible situations — like renting a wheelchair, making sure all medications are filled and packed correctly for airport security, special diet considerations, airport assistance, and researching hotels with the best accommodations for disabilities, if necessary. Be prepared to plan extra time or add days to your trip to allow for resting. Once these considerations and others specific to your loved one have been taken care of, we have a few suggestions for places to visit.

A great place for seniors to travel to is Washington, D.C.; a historical, and cultural place to experience, D.C. offers no shortage of things to do and see. The majority of the museums are free and give visitors an opportunity to view a large number of artifacts related to American history like the original Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Visiting the various memorials are the highlight of every trip, giving seniors a way to honor those of their generation who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The city is also very accessible for seniors. If your elderly loved one is wheelchair bound, a majority of notable buildings and memorials have ramps and rails, making it easy for mobility impaired people to soak in all the great sights.

For a trip that feels truly unique without using a passport, try an Alaskan cruise. The voyages are designed to be as active or relaxing as you’d like. Most cruise lines offer excursions on land where you can hike, or on water where you can paddle and spot local wildlife. You can also relax and enjoy the view of the breathtaking waterfalls and glaciers from the ship. If you have special needs for your senior, most ships will be able to accommodate your requests.

Another area that is popular for seniors and retirees is south Florida, more specifically Miami Beach and the Florida Keys all the way to Key West. Beautiful beaches, interesting museums, high end shopping, excellent cuisine, sunset cruises and gorgeous botanical gardens are just a few of the attractions in this area. Key West is known for a slower pace of life so no matter how you relaxed or active you want to be, everyone in the group will be able to enjoy themselves.

A time to get away from the daily routine to a new or familiar place is necessary for seniors. However, we understand that some elders are unable to travel due to certain medical conditions. That’s where our services can help. We at Griswold Home Care Orlando will assist with daily hygiene, housekeeping, activities, and medical adjacent needs your elderly loved one may have. We strive to provide quality care for our patients, making them feel accepted and cared for. For more information, call us today at 407-638-8116.

If you or an aging loved one are considering non-medical in-home care in Greater Orlando, FL, call Griswold Home Care and speak to one of our caring staff members today. Call (407) 638-8116