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Posts from 2022

  • The Back Nine So, you’re on the back nine, just about ready to tee off and your phone rings and it’s your spouse. “Hey, honey, where are you?” “I’m in the middle of my Thursday afternoon golf outing, you respond.” “Well, you didn’t tell me” your spouse says. To which you reply, “Yes, I ... Continue Reading
  • Summer Heat SUMMER HEAT creates a wide variety of situations that can result in risks to health and safety. Risk avoidance can protect your health. For instance, alcohol, caffeinated beverages (sodas, coffee, tea), certain medications (blood pressure, heart, tranquilizers, anti-motion ... Continue Reading
  • Preparing for a Hurricane When You Are Someone’s Primary Caregiver While hurricane season began on June 1st, it’s the next 6-8 weeks that typically matter the most to those of us in Hillsborough and Pasco Counties. That’s the time when we are most likely to incur a storm in our area. So, that means time is running out for those of us that ... Continue Reading
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