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Home Care Resources in Passaic, Sussex & Morris County, NJ

Being involved in the local community of Northern New Jersey is very important to us at the Passaic, Sussex, and Morris County office. Our caregivers are constantly informed and up to date about local events so that they can help home care recipients participate in various community activities. Our caregivers can drive clients to events and accompany them throughout the day.

For our clients who are interested, we encourage them to plant a home vegetable garden. Our caregivers can assist in all the necessary parts to get a successful garden started. We’ve helped our clients plant vibrant home gardens that produce lettuce, radishes, zucchini, beans, and other nutritious foods that aid in maintaining their health at home. We believe that the process of creating a garden and watching it grow is a wonderful experience that everyone, especially seniors, can appreciate. Having a home garden allows our clients to be connected to their food and be a direct participant in their meal planning and health.

Our garden plan is a unique approach to home care and senior care. Remember—New Jersey is called the “Garden State” for a reason!

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