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Download Early Signs of Dementia

You’re worried about your elderly loved one. She always had a great memory for details now she doesn’t remember where her keys are, or when her favorite show comes on.

Is this just a normal part of aging, or signs that something more serious is going on?

It’s important to catch symptoms of dementia right away. Sometimes, these symptoms can be caused by underlying medical conditions, which are treatable. Early treatment can slow the progression of even certain untreatable types of dementia, like Alzheimer’s.

Dementia symptoms are often misunderstood and create frustration or exhaustion for clients and their family/professional caregivers.

Common symptoms of dementia include things you might expect, like memory loss, difficulty planning, difficulty communicating, and behavior changes. But there are other common signs of dementia that might surprise you. If your loved one is exhibiting any of these, get in touch with his or her doctor right away.

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