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Your Home Care Referral Team in Plano, Texas

doug&kellyAbout The Owner: Hello, I’m Doug DeCoursin, independent owner and operator of your local Griswold Home Care office.

After researching a variety of business ventures, I chose to embark upon a mission to refer caregivers who can provide high-quality home care to members of the senior community. The caregivers we refer provide home care services, allowing seniors to stay in their homes and maintain their independence without compromising safety or quality of life. I immediately decided to call my friend and sister, Kelly, to see if she was interested in joining me. Kelly has enthusiastically embraced the mission and is now our VP of Sales and Marketing. After a successful 20 year career as a technology consultant and senior IT executive, I was ready to try something new and entrepreneurial. Being the father of two young children and with aging parents, I decided to leave the corporate world, get off the road, reconnect with family, and take the time to identify what that “something new” should be.

About Kelly Bass, VP Sales & Marketing for Griswold Home Care, Plano: Following 22 years of raising an active, growing family of four, supporting the family business, running an in-home Montessori Pre-school, and owning a Kumon Math and Reading Center, I decided to join my brother Doug in serving the needs of the ever-growing senior population.

This opportunity presented itself during a time of crisis with my mother-in-law. We were completely surprised by an episode she had prior to a fairly routine surgery and quickly realized that our world was going to change. Our lives were becoming the pure definition of the “sandwich generation”, with young children still at home, coupled with serious needs from our aging parents. This personal family crisis opened my eyes to an unbelievable, growing need. It was then that I decided to invest in ways to serve not only the growing senior population, but also the families sandwiched between the two generations.

It is extremely fulfilling for Kelly and I to refer caregivers who can help families, friends and the community.


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