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In the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy clicks the heels of her ruby red slippers and chants the classic line, “There’s no place like home.” Truer words have never been spoken – especially for the elderly needing assistance with their daily activities and patients recovering from surgery. Research shows that people with chronic illness or disability have improved physical and mental well-being when they live at home – familiar surroundings are comforting and have a palliative effect allowing for the highest quality of life. Living life on your own terms, in your own home is powerful medicine. -Roseanne Bottone in Local Flair magazine, Oct/Nov 2012

I’m Vivian Vance, owner and director of the Griswold Home Care office here in the Pocono Mountains region of PA. My background includes serving as a professional caregiver for friends and neighbors when my children were young, as well as having been a member of The Sandwich Generation, that group of individuals who are ‘sandwiched’ between caring for elderly family members and children, frequently while having a career at the same time, so I understand the challenges these responsibilities pose. Immediately before I opened this office, in 2000, I worked an hour from my home, so I had to utilize nearby home care companies to ensure my mother’s safety, and learned what being on the other side of the fence felt like: what to look for in an elder care provider and what to look out for! That two year experience proved to be invaluable when I starting interviewing and screening applicants to refer to other families for their loved ones’ home care.

The process in our office is twofold: to choose the ‘best of the best’ of all who apply to work with Griswold Home Care, and to match their particular skills and experience, as well as personality with each client’s unique needs. My office staff consists of three individuals who uphold the Griswold philosophy of helping each client we serve to maintain their dignity, comfort and well-being, while enjoying the highest quality professional Caregivers at an affordable cost.

Senior Care Coordinator Christina Davis, comes with 20 years of experience at the premier residential facility for seniors in the area. After on-going learning she was promoted many times, from her first role in activities to Head of Social Services and Admissions Director. Christy developed a wonderful ability to interact with residents and their families. She uses that depth of insight to help our clients, both the elderly and disabled, to receive the assistance they need to remain safely and happily independent in their homes, whether that is their own home, or the facility that has become their home.

Paula Moorer, also a Care Coordinator, has a strong background in working in senior care as a Supervisor for the New York City Home Care Program. Managing a team of coordinators, she developed proficiency in identifying the resources available from a myriad of organizations both public and private. She brings that facility and a willingness to go the extra mile to help her clients receive all the help that is available to them, and shows a heartfelt dedication to meeting the needs of these frequently vulnerable individuals, so they can remain healthy and in control of their own lives, while providing their often long-distance family members with peace of mind.

Recruitment Specialist Georgina Diaz has the daunting task of ensuring that all caregiver applicants go through an industry leading, rigorous screening to ensure that the small percentage who complete all steps of that process are not only competent, reliable and honest, but also compassionate, and genuinely enjoy caring for others. This procedure has been well-honed over the 30 years that Griswold has been in existence, and includes thorough reference checks, criminal background clearances, medical checks that assure all workers are free of communicable disease, and ensures that we refer superior quality caregivers. She is also responsible for making sure all caregivers’ clearances are maintained on a regular basis. Georgi came to us from a senior living community where she was their employee of the year, based on her caring interactions with the residents and her positive ‘can do’ attitude, which she employs here as well, earning her accolades from clients and caregivers alike.

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