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Posts from 2014

  • Good Exercises to Promote Brain Function for Seniors With Alzheimer’s Senior Care in Wake Forest, NC – Walking can be a Great Way to Get the Heart Pumping The brain is a mystery to science, for the most part. Even though there have been incredible strides in recent years to learning more about it, and even though we understand the basics on ... Continue Reading
  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of Pet Ownership for Your Senior Loved One Elder Care in Wake Forest, NC – Pets can Make Wonderful Senior Companions, but they also come with Great Responsibility There has been a considerable amount of research conducted through the years about the benefits that pets can offer people. When you’re talking about ... Continue Reading
  • Mark Moore With Griswold Home Care Speaks to Seniors About Stress Management in a Senior Community in Raleigh Nc. Stress is real but most don’t associate it with the very young or the very old. Unfortunately it’s becoming more evident that each of those groups experience stress just like everyone else. At first you may think that the reason we stress out each day during our child ... Continue Reading
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