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Tips for Building the Ideal Elder Care Team

Elder Care in Raleigh, NC – Assessing the Senior’s Needs can help Determine the Most Important Players

CaretakersTrying to build a team of any kind requires a long-term goal. If you look at professional sports teams, usually the primary goal of any team is to win a championship. When you’re talking about elder care, the goal could be something much different, but the ways you go about building the ideal team are very similar.

The long-term goal of elderly home care.

Let’s talk about the long-term goals of elder care. For the most part, it’s about ensuring the safety and well-being of an elderly individual at home. They may have the option to move into an assisted living community or some other independent living situation, but they prefer to remain at home.

This is certainly their prerogative and they have every right to be able to remain at home for as long as they can possibly do so. Elderly home care should be focused on providing safety and whatever level of assistance the individual requires to help them feel comfortable, safe, and still take part in various activities.

Once you understand the long-term goal of elder care, it’s time to begin assembling the right team.

What makes up the right team?

While family members are often the first ones to step up and offer assistance, they may not be the most qualified. Experience certainly matters with regard to elderly home care. A family member who doesn’t have any experience working with or assisting an elderly individual may not be the best person to assist someone recovering from a stroke, heart attack, or who has diminished strength and balance.

You need to figure out the balance between experience and time management.

What that means is the elder care provider should have enough time to devote to assisting the individual at home. If a family member is too busy to provide assistance when it’s needed, it’s best to talk about seeking out professional elderly home care providers.

Depending on the health situation of the patient, he or she may require physical therapy, occupational therapy, a visiting nurse, or numerous home care aides throughout the day and week. Assessing the needs of the patient becomes even more important when they require more assistance.

One of the most effective ways to build an ideal elder care team is to use a home care referral agency to help select a compassionate caregiver to work with your loved one.

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