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Senior woman and adult daughter

Celebrating Your Senior Care Relationship During Older Americans Month

Elder Care in Knightdale, NC – Enjoy Quality Time with Your Senior Loved One Outside of the Caregiving Relationship

Each May the senior care community gathers together to celebrate Older Americans Month. This month-long observance is all about recognizing not just the needs of elderly adults, but also their social and community contributions. This month can be the perfect chance for you to celebrate your senior care relationship with your parents and find special ways to let them know how much they mean to you.

Let some of these ideas inspire you for your own Older Americans Month celebrations:

  • Plan a special meal. It is common for family caregivers to start looking at mealtime as just another step in their care plan and as something they need to handle in order to get their elderly parents what they need on a daily basis. Eating together, however, is a chance to relax, connect, and spend quality time with each other. Even if you spend all day together, having a special meal takes you out of the “caregiver” role and reminds you of your family bond. Bring your elderly parents out for lunch in a favorite restaurant or prepare a dinner you used to enjoy together when you were a child. Take this time just to spend together, not to talk about doctors or referred caregivers or anything else related to their daily care.
  • Have one-on-one time. Though your relationship with your parents as a unit is important, so is the bond you maintain with each of them individually. Take the time this month to remember that these are not just elderly adults, but your mother and father. Plan unique ways to celebrate your relationship with each of them. Revisit activities you used to enjoy together when you were younger or ask them about something they may want to do with you. Be sure to have a few quiet moments during this one-on-one time to express how much you love each of them and what you appreciate about your family caregiver relationship.
  • Host a celebration. Many seniors have far less active social lives than they did when they were younger. This pertains to their family members as well as their friends. Whether it is because of physical limitations, cognitive decline, or just distance, not being as involved can lead to decreased mental and emotional health. Host a celebration that encourages your elderly parents to rekindle these meaningful relationships. Get your siblings together for a family reunion, plan a block party in the neighborhood, or renew interest in a club or organization that was once active but that has fallen by the wayside. Take this as a chance to boost your parents’ social involvement and plan other activities so they have more to look forward to in the near future.
  • Volunteer together. Seniors can offer many benefits to the community. Get out with your elderly parents and find ways to make a difference together. Ask if the local elementary school would like reading buddies for their young students, if the animal shelter need dog walkers, or if the local hospital could use greeters.

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