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A Note on Care: Just a Walk in the Park

Although the weather has been unbearably hot in the past summer weeks, my husband and I still make it a point to get out and explore the creation in which God has so lovingly allowed us to live. One of our favorite places to venture is Cedar Hills Park, a Frisbee gold course located in North Raleigh, just off of East Millbrook Road. We find ourselves in this park at least once a week; perhaps it is because the giant, lovely oaks of Raleigh work as a shield from the booming rays, but more likely, it is because Frisbee golf is one of the few activities in which my husband comes out as the victor (please, don’t let him know I told you!). We walked up and down the hills, moving from basket to basket, and I wasn’t paying attention to my feet and I stepped into a hole. What could have been a moderate ankle sprain was fortunately just a stumble due to my young, agile reactions. We proceeded on as usual, but it got me thinking about how small of a deal that clumsy moment was for me, but how extreme of a mistake that could have been for my grandparents, and other elderly loved ones. As we get older, the moments that were once “clumsy” become tragic, and they can serve as major setbacks and inconveniences. Fortunately, Griswold Home Care Referral Service of North & Eastern Raleigh, is able to help in these times of setback. I am honored to work for a company that thoroughly screens and refers caregivers who can match clients’ expectations for consistently compassionate care– be it a month of recovery for an injury, or a year of around the clock assistance. The benefit of using a referral service is that you can select just the right professional to meet your needs. If you have your health, be grateful. If you are in need of a referral, know that Griswold Home Care of North & Eastern Raleigh is here to help you find that perfect caregiver.

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