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A Note on Care: Traveling the Ages

Raleigh, North Carolina hosts thousands of talented musical artists each year in the multiple venues that inhabit the area. Recently, I had the opportunity to see Lady Antebellum, Hunter Hayes, and Sam Hunt in the nearby Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in central Raleigh. Although the artists were fabulous and the show was spectacular, the best part of my evening was that I was able to spend it with two dear friends that came to visit me from Tennessee. Even though they assure me they would have come even if the concert had not worked out, I’m quite sure the top-chart artists were really the ones that convinced them to make the drive. Spending the evening together not only reminded me of how grateful I am for wonderful friendships, but it also reminded me of how thankful I am that four hour car drives are fully reasonable for a couple of girls in their twenties. Bathroom stops are generally kept to a minimum, leg cramps are few, and dietary needs are often not even considered. The truth is, this ease of transportation changes drastically as age increases. More planning must take place so that the ride can go smoothly, and health issues of any kind can serve as serious roadblocks. Traveling can be difficult, and unfortunately it may eventually cease due to the strain it may place on the elderly. Thus, “We’re going to visit my grandparents,” becomes the common line. When our loved ones are residing in their home, we, their friends and family, are able to have a great impact on their well-being– be it bringing by some homemade cookies, lugging down boxes from the attic, or making sure that the most professional, compassionate caregiver has been referred. If you are responsible for looking out for your loved ones, know that Griswold Home Care Referral Service of North Eastern Raleigh and Wake Forest is here to help you support your efforts on their behalf by referring someone to respond to their daily needs.

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