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Home Care Tips: Make-ahead Meal Kits for Easy Eating

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One of the most important services that your aging parents’ referred caregiver offers for your loved ones is ensuring that they get the nutrition that they need on a daily basis. Sometimes, however, preparing meals can take time away from activities, outings, or other events that your seniors would rather be doing with their referred caregiver. Creating make-ahead meal kits for them makes it easy for your parents and their referred caregiver to put together fast, tasty, and nutritionally balanced meals that they can enjoy whenever it fits into their schedule.

Making make-ahead meal kits for your aging parents and their referred caregiver also allows you to ensure they are eating the types of foods you want them to eat, are staying in line with the dietary guidelines set forth by their doctors, and staying away from less healthy snacks and meals.

Some meal kits feature nearly prepared ingredients your seniors and their referred caregiver just have to assemble to create their lunch or dinner, while others require a little more preparation. Having several of these on hand at a time makes it easy for them to grab one and prepare it when they are running short on time or just want to save some time on their meal planning and preparation tasks so they can do something else together.

Let these ideas for make-ahead meal kits inspire you to create your own kits for your aging parents and their referred caregiver:

  • Healthy wraps. Place high-quality lunch meats, sliced cheeses, individual romaine lettuce leaves, and sliced cucumbers in an airtight container. Roll up individual tortillas and tuck them in another airtight container and put both in the refrigerator so that your parents can enjoy a healthy wrap for lunch. Keeping the tortillas rolled up in the refrigerator makes it easier to wrap up the ingredients later.
  • Yogurt parfaits. A yogurt parfait is a fabulous breakfast option, giving your aging parents protein and carbs to power them through their day, and vitamins to keep their bodies healthy. Create a parfait kit by making or purchasing granola and putting it in an airtight container. Place sliced fruit and berries in airtight containers in the refrigerator along with vanilla Greek yogurt. Your parents can layer yogurt, granola, and fruit to meet their tastes.
  • Smoothies. A smoothie is a quiet and easy-to-consume option for breakfast, lunch, or a snack during the day. These delicious treats pack a major nutrition punch, including protein, fiber, healthy fats, and fruit. For a simple smoothie kit, scoop Greek yogurt into a freezer-safe container, add in chopped strawberries and bananas, 2 tablespoons of protein powder, and 2 tablespoons of flax seeds. Freeze until solid. Leave instructions for the referred caregiver to put this frozen mixture and a splash of orange juice in the blender to create a power-packed smoothie.
  • Spaghetti dinner. This kit requires some extra effort, but is a great option when your parents’ referred caregiver starts wondering what they should make for dinner. Store dried pasta, a jar of sauce, and a container of cheese together so they are easy to grab and cook.

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