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Senior Care Tips: Unique Ways to Use Christmas Ornaments Throughout Your Parents’ Home

Senior Care in Raleigh, NC

The Christmas season is a fun and meaningful time for you to be on a senior care journey with your aging loved ones. Not only do you have the chance to celebrate this special holiday with your family, but you can also integrate the traditions and icons of the season into your care efforts to provide a wide range of benefits no matter what types of limitations and challenges your seniors are facing.

One of the activities that you can do with your seniors during the Christmas season that is not only fun and memorable, but allows you to pursue your care goals is decorating their home. Adding seasonal touches throughout the home creates a welcoming and beautiful environment that raises your parents’ holiday spirit and makes them feel more involved in the celebrations. It is also a fantastic way to stimulate their minds, sharpen their memory and cognitive processing skills, and create memories that you can treasure well into the future.

Decorating for the holidays does not have to be a complicated experience. If your aging loved ones are coping with physical, medical, mobility, emotional, or cognitive limitations, it may be overwhelming or simply not feasible for you to go about stringing the entire home with lights or putting up large trees in every room. This does not mean, however, that they cannot enjoy little bits of holiday cheer throughout their home with thoughtful details. By using basic shatterproof Christmas ornaments in the colors that they desire for their holiday décor, you can quickly add holiday detail to every corner of the home.

Let these ideas inspire you and your elderly loved one to use simple Christmas ornaments to decorate your loved one’s home for the holidays:

  • Fill hurricanes. Hurricanes are tall glass or acrylic containers similar to vases that you can use to hold candles and other decorations. These are perfect for holding Christmas ornaments to make into a simple but impressive centerpiece, to accent a mantle, or even to tuck into a non-operational fireplace. These come in a variety of different heights so you create depth and dimension in your decoration.
  • Quirky chandelier. If your parents do not use their ceiling fans during the winter months, use them to create fun, quirky chandeliers. Choose ornaments that have ribbon or string loops on the top and use strong tape to attach the loops to the top of the blades so that they hang over the edges. You can also add extra length to some of the loops so that you can have some of the ornaments hang lower to create some visual dimension.
  • Contemporary wreath. Rather than using greenery to make a wreath, create a streamlined, contemporary look that perfectly fits in with the color scheme that your loved ones have for their holiday decorations. Simply get a Styrofoam wreath form in whatever size they want and hot glue the ornaments with their tops embedded in the Styrofoam. Use different sizes of ornaments to create visual appeal and a tighter fit.

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