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Life Lessons Learned

1. Words of encouragement go a long way.  You may never see the fruits of your encouragement but the positive words and compliments you share with others are powerful!  I was just reminded recently how powerful.  I met a wonderful lady who is in a wheelchair because of a stroke. She smiles and is very friendly in spite of her circumstances.  She works hard to rehabilitate herself by swimming and working with a therapist. It’s very hard work and as anyone would, she sometimes gets discouraged.  A few weeks ago, I saw her standing with a walker instead of her normal wheelchair.  I was impressed so I went out of my way to tell her how awesome she was for continuing to work so hard and it was good to see her up and around.  It was great to see her out of her wheelchair and I thought it would be nice to tell her because often we all have nice thoughts and intentions but don’t express them.

Today, 3-4 weeks after I spoke words of encouragement to her, she stopped by to say she had not forgotten my words and wanted to say they were very encouraging and exactly what she needed to hear that day.  Wow! What a great thing to hear!  The lesson learned is speak words of encouragement to each other.  You need them and so do those around you!  Lift up and don’t tear down.

2. People are the same wherever you go.  They’re just like you and me.  Sometimes we have good days and other days not so much.  We forgive ourselves for our weak moments and we need to forgive others the same way.  Seniors have good and bad days just like you and me and they deserve the same patience we afford ourselves.  If it’s God’s plan, you and I will one day be a senior citizen so celebrate our seniors!  They are where we hope to be one day.  Give them a hug and some nice words.  It goes a long way!

3. Lastly, I attended the funeral for my friend’s mother yesterday.  She died at age 72 – still very young.  As I sat in the church and listened to an emotional talk from my friend, the daughter of the deceased, I had time to reflect on birth, death and the life in between.  Then while they played Come to Jesus by Chris Rice and most everyone cried I was reminded of this heartfelt and Absolute truth.  Jesus is Lord.  He loves us and comforts us.  He also reminds us this life is temporary and short and has given us all the instructions we need to live a fruitful and fulfilling life.  Love him and Love each other.  No day is promised to us so get out today and do something.  Tell your loved ones how much you love them.  Do something special for them regardless of how small….. DAILY.  Don’t put it off.  Life is a gift so live in the present.  And always Look Up to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He’s always there.

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