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Simple Ways to Conserve Water in Your Senior Care Plan

Senior Care in Rolesville, NC

Washing HandsTaking care of your elderly loved ones is the obvious goal of your senior care plan, but truly successful care goes beyond just making sure that your aging loved ones’ physical, medical, cognitive, and emotional needs are met. You must also find ways to help them do their part to take care of the world around them, preserving the environment and saving themselves money with their efforts.

Protecting the earth and taking steps to reduce negative impact is something that everyone should do on a daily basis. For seniors, these efforts are not just about making their own positive impact on the environment and helping to make sure that the world stays a safe, healthy, and beautiful place for future generations.

Conserving water is an important thing that your aging parents can do to protect the environment and save money within their home. Fortunately, it is also one of the simplest. Try some of these ideas, and share them with your parents’ referred caregiver, so you can all work together to save water and take care of the world around you:

  • Use refillable water bottles. Choosing a refillable water bottle and using that throughout the day takes care of the earth in two ways. Not only are you not contributing to the massive landfill problem by not using and throwing away individual water bottles, you are also limiting the number of glasses and cups being used. This cuts down on how many dishes you have to wash, reducing your water consumption.
  • Fix leaks. That constant drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet is not just annoying, it could also be wasting many gallons of water each day. Go around your parents’ home seeking out faucets, hoses, and connectors that may be leaking and have them fixed. If you need the assistance of a plumber to fix a leak, put a bucket or pan under the leak so you can catch the water and re-purpose it.
  • Take a shower. Taking a quick shower uses far less water than a bath. For even more water conservation, place a bucket or bowl in the shower with you where it can catch water from the showerhead but not the soap rinsing off of you. You can then use that water for your pets, to water your plants, or for cleaning.
  • Give dishes a bath. Rather than keeping the tap running constantly while washing the dishes, use the bath method. Fill one side of the sink with hot, soapy water, and leave the other empty. Wash the dishes using the hot, soapy water and put them in the clean side of the sink, then rinse them.
  • Update your sprinkler system. Do not be that neighbor who has the sprinkler running during a rainstorm. Get in touch with a sprinkler company in your area to find out about having your elderly loved ones’ sprinkler system updated so that it comes on only when the ground actually needs it.

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