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Wake Forest Resource Fair

By Jamie Supino

For attendants, it was an opportunity to browse services. For me, it was a look at the heart.

Griswold Home Care BoothJust as a child gets excited for the county fair, senior citizens look forward to a different kind of fair– the senior citizen resource fair. Resource fairs serve as a place where senior citizens and their families can come and learn about all of the different services available to aid them as age brings about changes in routine. This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the resource fair that took place at the Wake Forest Senior Center, located just a few minutes outside of Raleigh. Although there may have not been the aroma of fresh cotton candy or the melodic tunes from Ferris wheels filling the hallways, all attendants were filled with loads of great information from the many local companies that came to share information about services that they offer. Many different ages of people came by the Griswold Home Care booth; individuals that were perhaps in need of assistance as well as adolescents many, many years away from needing such services approached our booth and took brochures to learn about the in-home care we offer. The day provided me with the opportunity to interact and engage with many wonderful people from many different backgrounds and situations. When reflecting about all the different people that I interacted with over the day, the word care constantly came to mind.

People care about taking care of their health.

People care about their loved ones.

People care about peace of mind.

People care enough to take time out of their day and learn more about various services available.

The day was filled with great information, great interactions, laughs, and even a little bit of trivia! (I think we even found some folks that missed their Jeopardy calling!) With each interaction, I was able to share a little bit about Griswold Home Care and the in-home services that we offer; more importantly, I was able to demonstrate the compassion that I have and that I am called to show others.

Raleigh Griswold Home Care Director, Mark Moore, and myself at the Griswold Home Care booth on June 11, 2015 at the Wake Forest Senior Center Resource Fair

At Griswold, we seek to offer that care that our seniors and their families deserve. With loving caregivers available 24 hours a day, we deliver that care promptly and efficiently. We will always do what we can to deliver you assurance, service, respect, and care above your expectations.

Not only were my eyes opened to many wonderful opportunities available to help families keep transitions smooth, but I also became thoughtful of how similar all of humanity is—despite the drastic changes that ageing can bring. o matter the age or situation of the individuals that approached our booth but the bottom line that I received from my communication with all of the attendees was respect. Respect is a thing that everyone wants, but not everyone is willing to show.

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