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senior woman getting her hair combed

Senior Care Tips: Enjoy a Day of Pampering with Your Elderly Mother on Beautician’s Day

Senior Care in North Raleigh, NC

Feeling good about the way you look is an important part of having strong mental and emotional health. While taking care of your appearance can be an important element of being the best family caregiver possible for your elderly loved ones, it can also be a powerful way to support your aging loved one’s mental and emotional health.

Women in their senior years often report losing their feeling of femininity as they get older. Whether it is due to physical challenges that make it more difficult to keep up with their beauty routines, weight gain, hair loss, or other reasons, when a woman feels that she is no longer a “girl”, she can experience depression and loss of motivation to engage in social situations. Helping your senior mother feel feminine and attractive on a regular basis can encourage her to feel better about herself and enhances her quality of life.

On June 26, take a day to show your beautician your appreciation for all she does to make you look and feel your best while also giving your mother a day of pampering on Beautician’s Day. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to make spending quality time taking care of yourself and your aging mother part of your regular senior care plan.

Use these tips to make a day at the beautician fun and safe for you and your aging mother:

  • Make it just about the two of you. You are likely accustomed to planning activities and outings to include both of your elderly parents, but this is one of those days when you should focus just on spending quality time with your aging mother. A referred caregiver can provide care and assistance for your father while you are with your mother so you can feel confident he is safe and secure.
  • Make a reservation. Just walking into a salon to get services can result in long waits, confusion, and the two of you getting separated, which can cause anxiety for seniors, particularly those coping with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Make a reservation a few days in advance to minimize waits and streamline the appointment.
  • Make them aware. If your parents need special accommodations due to issues with sound, touch, hearing loss, confusion, memory loss, or other needs, make sure the beauticians know about them ahead of time so that they are prepared to adjust their services to meet those needs.

Since it is Beautician’s Day, make plans to show your appreciation for those who work hard to make you feel special and beautiful with their services. Try some of these ideas to make your cosmetologist feel just as special:

  • Send flowers with a note of appreciation
  • Bring homemade goodies for her and the staff of her salon
  • Give her a gift card for her favorite store or restaurant
  • Schedule delivery of sandwich trays from a local deli

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