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Signs Being a Family Caregiver Is Impacting Your Career Goals

Family Caregivers in North Raleigh, NC

Business womanBeing a family caregiver for an elderly parent is a tremendous challenge and one that requires dedication of time, effort, and energy to ensure that senior is getting the care and assistance he needs on a regular basis. While you may have made the decision to care for your parent out of love, compassion, and desire to ensure he lives the highest quality of life possible, over time you may find that this role is making a negative impact on other areas of your life. For the nearly 70 million adults who act as family caregivers for their loved ones, one of the main areas of impact is their careers.

Most people have career goals, but the unexpected need to become a caregiver can get in the way of you pursuing these goals, and even put your current career at risk. It is important to be aware of this impact and find ways to overcome it so that you do not lose sight of yourself and your own life while on your caregiving journey.

Some of the signs that being a caregiver is impacting your career goals include:

  • Frequent scheduling conflicts. Whether it is doctors’ appointments at the same time as important meetings at work, the need to work late when you also need to be with your parent in the evening, or increased needs that require you to miss activities and opportunities, frequent scheduling conflicts between your career and your family care activities could force you to miss opportunities at work or diminish the quality of your care.
  • Loss of punctuality. Arriving late to work or having to leave early to meet your parent’s needs or because you are exhausted and overslept reflect poorly on your dedication and professionalism, and may make you look unreliable.
  • Ineffectiveness. The physical and mental challenges of caring for your parents can result in exhaustion and distraction, making it more difficult for you to fulfill your work responsibilities effectively. You may not complete as much work as quickly as you should, make more mistakes than usual, or not have the energy to push yourself to progress along your career path.

If you notice that your family caregiving efforts are impacting your career it is important to take steps to balance these two vital features of your life so you can preserve the quality of both and maintain your health and wellbeing. Try these tips to help you address the challenges that family caregiving places on your career so you can be your best in both areas:

  • Be honest. You may hesitate to involve your personal life in your professional life, but being upfront with your boss about your family caregiver responsibilities can help him better understand what you are going through. While this should not act as an excuse, it may make working out conflicts and finding alternative opportunities easier.
  • Be flexible. Talk with your superiors at work about options that may allow you to work more effectively without sacrificing time with your elderly loved ones. Options such as flex time that changes your work hours, leaves of absence, or telecommuting may be available for your position.
  • Get the family involved. Hold a family meeting to discuss your struggles with your partner, siblings, and other family members. Ask them to take on some of the care activities for your parent, such as running errands, providing transportation, or just sitting with them in the evening. This can free up your time and limit the amount of work you miss or compromise.
  • Consider assistance. If your family is not available for help or you need assistance with more challenging family care activities such as bathing, consider a referred caregiver to split your responsibilities.

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