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Happy Anniversary Griswold Home Care Raleigh

Family posingHappy Anniversary to Us!!!

Congratulations to Griswold Home Care Raleigh, Wake Forest, Clayton!

Woo Hoo!!  Hooray!  Griswold Home Care Eastern Raleigh just celebrated our Anniversary!  I’m happy to say we celebrated another milestone in the Home Care industry here in Raleigh, Wake Forest and Clayton.  We’ve helped a great number of families who need care for their loved one and want to make sure they get the very best care that’s available.  We at Griswold Home Care work tirelessly to make sure your mother, father, husband, wife or grandparent have an excellent, experienced professional caregiver and CNA at the ready to make your loved one comfortable, safe and happy.

Anniversaries are wonderful and so are birthdays.  It’s a benchmark and a time to celebrate life.  It’s a measuring stick to let us know that wonderful times have been shared and there is much to be grateful for and that God is good.  It’s also a reminder that time waits for no man and our time here is not all that long.  What’s the old saying?  Plan as if you will live forever and live as if you will die tomorrow.  That’s great advice and I constantly struggle to heed that advice.

Like everyone I have been through difficult times and while in that valley you don’t much feel like counting your blessings or announcing what you’re grateful for.  I was reminded today though, through a sermon, that hard times (and YES they can be HARD) aren’t meant to crush us.  They’re meant to polish and strengthen us and bring us closer to God.  The creator wants a relationship with us and sometimes we are only reminded to turn to him through our trials and tribulations.

I see family caregivers all over Raleigh and Wake Forest everyday dealing with heart wrenching situations – a family member they love very much isn’t doing well and it’s very stressful coordinating everything for that loved one and somehow throughout remembering who that person WAS and enjoying the relationship with them even now during hardship.  Family caregiving is not easy and sometimes no amount of wisdom will matter, or even be heard!  …… and that’s okay.  Often we don’t know how we continue – It’s just too hard!  How does the longest journey begin?  With the first step…..and then the next…..and the next…….and so on.

So I suggest with great sensitivity to those enduring hardship right now…………. Persevere!  Press on! Just take the next step.  You can do it.  And don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You don’t have to do it all by yourself.  We all need help so just ask for it.  In my years at Griswold Home Care I’ve seen a lot of challenging and sad situations and I’ve also seen the triumph of the human spirit.  You and I are capable of so many things; more than we think most of the time!  Press on.  Love one another and lift someone up today.  You have no idea how much they might need it.  Count your blessings.  Celebrate the time you have enjoyed and the time you have right now.  Happy anniversary to Griswold Home Care Raleigh, Wake Forest and Clayton and Happy anniversary…… birthday…… THIS day to YOU!

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