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Elderly Care Activities: Homemade Air Fresheners

Elderly Care in Rolesville, NC

Grandmother With Adult DaughterHaving a wonderful-smelling home is an important part of feeling comfortable and relaxed in your space. Smell is a powerful sense that can bring to mind emotions and memories, making it one of the best ways for you to enhance your parents’ surroundings so that they enjoy their home more, and that their home is more welcoming and inviting to friends and family who may want to visit. This project is a simple craft that allows your parents to fill their home with the warm, comforting scents of autumn using only non-toxic ingredients. Since this air freshener requires no heat or electricity, it is an amazing option for freshening up all areas of the home and you can feel confident using it even if your elderly care journey includes caring for a parent with cognitive limitations.

Enjoy making these homemade air fresheners with your aging loved ones, or encourage them to make them with their referred caregiver for an activity that is mentally stimulating, fun, and gives them an immediate sense of accomplishment and gratification as they use the fresheners throughout their home. If they particularly enjoy making these, your parents can make more and give them as thoughtful homemade gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

What You’ll Need

  • 1 teaspoon polymer absorbent crystals. These are crystals often used in floral centerpieces or in making cooling neck wraps. They absorb a tremendous amount of water and swell, allowing them to stay “inflated” for a long period of time. You can order them online or look for them in your local craft store
  • 1 cup hot tap water
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Orange essential oil
  • 2 half-pint glass jars
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Tulle

What to Do

  • Put the crystals into the bowl and add the hot water
  • Stir vigorously to blend
  • Check to make sure that there are no crystals or powder left. If there are, add a little bit more hot water and stir. You do not want the mixture to be liquidy or soupy, but gel-like in consistency
  • Add 10 drops each of the cinnamon and orange essential oils and blend thoroughly. Do not wait in between mixing the water in and adding the essential oils in as it could disrupt the gelling when you start to stir
  • Divide the gel into the two jars
  • Cut a circular piece of tulle in your desired color that overlaps the edge of the jar by at least half an inch
  • Place the tulle over the mouth of the jar and screw the ring on top of it. This will allow the scent to come out through the tulle
  • If your parents want to give these as gifts, or do not want to use them immediately, put the lid of the jar on on top of the tulle prior to adding the ring

These air fresheners last for quite some time and are easily revived. If the gel dries, simply add one teaspoon of hot water and a few drops of essential oil at a time until the gel is moist again.

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