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Family Caregiver Tips: Hiring Movers to Help With Senior Transitioning

Family Caregivers in Raleigh, NC

Family-Caregivers-in-Raleigh-NCThere may come a time in your caregiver journey when it becomes necessary to transition your aging loved ones from their home into a smaller home or into your home to continue receiving their care. The need for this type of transition can arise due to many different situations. One parent may have recently died, leaving the other overwhelmed with the task of living alone and taking care of the home. Your parents may be coping with physical and mobility challenges that make it difficult for them to get around their house safely, or may be facing cognitive difficulties that make living by themselves unsafe. Transitioning them into a smaller home or bringing them to live with you can make caring for them easier and more successful, giving you a sense of confidence that they can live the highest quality of life possible no matter what challenges they are facing.

While it is possible for you to help your seniors throughout their entire transition experience, this can be a tremendous undertaking, which can be difficult to fit into your already busy schedule. Hiring movers can offer you immeasurable benefit, enabling you to entrust the management and administration of the move to professionals so you can focus on fulfilling other obligations to make the experience smoother and less stressful for everyone involved.

As with any other plans within your caregiver journey, however, it is important that you prepare in advance for hiring movers and manage the process carefully to ensure the most successful transition possible.

Use these tips for hiring movers to help you transition your aging loved ones into their new home:

  • Choose the right mover. Take your time when selecting the company who will help your parents through this process. Get in touch with the elder care referral agency in your area to get references and recommendations for moving companies with specific experience transitioning seniors and the reputation of giving fantastic service. This will give you confidence from the very beginning that the job will go smoothly and successfully.
  • Start ahead of time. If at all possible, start preparing for the move well in advance. This gives your seniors time to get accustomed to the idea of leaving their home and reduces the stress of having to make all of the arrangements and preparations too quickly.
  • Pack carefully. Effective packing is an essential step in making sure a move goes smoothly. Avoid the temptation to just throw things in boxes and plan to sort them out later. Pack each box thoughtfully and label it carefully. Consider using color coded markers, tape, or stickers to make it fast and easy to recognize where the box should go so that the movers unloading the truck are able to place them where they should be efficiently. Ask the particular mover that you select if they offer packing services to give you an extra hand with this sometimes daunting step.
  • Delegate and participate. When moving day comes, remember that the movers are professionals and know what they are doing. Give them the space to handle each task in the way that they know is best, but still be there to manage the process. Remember that your parents will need care and assistance while the move happens, so be willing to hand over the control of the details of the move to the movers and participate in the process by offering direct care and assistance to your loved ones.

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