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A Note on Care: Seasons Change

This Sunday I stepped out the door to head to church, and sure enough I felt the first bit of fall pushing its way into the air. A few leaves had finally made their way to the ground, a slight breeze was in the air, and that intangible quality of “fall” was quite abundant. What a lovely and pleasant morning! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love the summer. Beach and lake days are some of my favorites, but it seems like each year fall seems to come at just the right time. A friend once asked me what my favorite season was, and after I gave it some thought, I replied, “The next one.” At the time it was winter, so my friend replied, “So, spring?” I then explained to her that right now it was spring, but simply whatever season it is, I am always ready for whatever season is next in line. I thought about this response some this week. I thought “Is it bad that I’m always looking forward to what is next?” I came to the conclusion that this is in fact a healthy outlook. I’m not looking forward to the next season in a discontent way, but rather I am satisfied with what has already been and excited for the change that I know will come. Seasons are like so many aspects of our life; we know they will change. We don’t doubt it. Some years it may take longer than others for the leaves to fall, but we know they will fall. However, seasons aside, change is often unpredictable, and it can also be quite frightening. Take health for example. Car crashes, strokes, unexpected illnesses, and even a fall can happen in the blink of an eye and completely change a person’s condition. When these tragedies occur, we are forced to adapt quickly to the drastic change that has occurred in our lives. Working in the home care field, I have quickly become accustomed to a world full of change. Clients may request a different caregiver suddenly, and it is my job to take those requests and match a new caregiver┬áso that our clients are served as they should be.

Unfortunately, we are not able to see the next “season” of our life. We can’t predict if and when our health will change, and we don’t know when we will need outside help. Fortunately, change is constant in the Griswold office of North Eastern Raleigh, North Carolina. We’ll be here when you need us– whether that is this season of your life or one down the road.

The articles posted on this blog are provided for general information and discussion purposes only. These articles are not intended to suggest anything with respect to the operations or services of this office.

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