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Home Care Observances: National Wear Red Day

Home Care in Raleigh, NC

Graphic of a heart and stethoscope There is a tremendous focus on breast cancer as the health condition that negatively impacts women and takes so many women’s lives, but the truth is there is a killer out there that goes largely undetected and is responsible for the deaths of more women each year than breast cancer and all other types of cancer combined. This killer is cardiovascular disease. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease and stroke kill 1 in 3 women, but nearly 80 percent of those deaths are preventable with the appropriate care and management. On February 5, show how much you love your mother and encourage her to take control and responsibility for the future of her own health and well-being, as well as honoring all of those amazing women in your life who have touched you in some way, by celebrating National Wear Red Day.

National Wear Red Day is a holiday designed to promote women’s heart health and bring attention to this often silent killer of women so that more women will learn their risks, understand what they can do to protect themselves, and take control today by taking steps to guard themselves now and into the future.

Let these ideas inspire you, your mother, and her referred caregiver to celebrate National Wear Red Day and make that your commitment to having he heart health as an important focus in your regular home care journey:

  • Pick an outfit. Enjoy a day of shopping to pick out an outfit that prominently features the color red. While you can find plenty of these clothing options online, actually getting out and going shopping in brick and mortar stores promotes more physical activity and social interaction, both of which are critical to ongoing heart health
  • Make an outfit. If your mother is particularly crafty or has a special skill such as embroidery, sewing, applique, or even tie-dye, encourage her to use this skill to make her own outfit or accessory for National Wear Red Day. This is a great opportunity for her to enjoy conversation and sharing with you or her referred caregiver, and she can even get your children in on the fun for an extra heart-loving emotional boost
  • Learn together. Set aside some time to learn about heart disease and how the risks of this disease particularly impact women. Evaluate her lifestyle together and find the areas where she may be at greatest risk and does not even realize it. This is a great opportunity to go visit her doctor for a checkup and a conversation, or to visit a health fair to learn about heart health and the many companies, organizations, and products that are available for her to help her live a heart-healthier lifestyle
  • Get active. Make a commitment to find a new exercise program that you can enjoy together. Find exercise clothing that features red and get started on physical activity that will help her to lose weight and improve her heart health for now and well into the future.


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