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6 Huge Benefits of Exercise for Your Elderly Loved One

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If you’ve been trying to convince your elderly loved one that it’s time to start an exercise plan, you might have run into some resistance. Sometimes loved ones are afraid to start exercising or they fear that it’s too late in life to reap any benefits from the effort. The truth is that it’s never too late for your loved one to benefit from movement, and you can work with her medical team and her referred caregivers¬†to find the best activities for her. In the meantime, here are the major benefits that can help to convince your loved one to get moving.

Boosts Self-confidence

As your loved one moves more regularly, she’ll start to realize that she can do more than she thinks that she can do. And as that happens, she’ll become even more confident. This can help her to branch out and to try things that she might not have tried otherwise.

Improves Mood

Moving more often is fantastic for relieving stress and for releasing positive chemicals that our bodies make on their own, called endorphins. If your loved one experiences depression or anxiety, working out can help her to keep those problems in check.

It’s Good for the Brain

Mental games are wonderful for your loved one’s brain, but so is physical activity. Being physically active keeps the blood flowing to all the parts of her body, including her brain. Some studies even link exercise with reducing the effects of illnesses such as dementia.

Great for Weight Loss

Whether your loved one needs to lose a couple of pounds or simply wants to maintain her current weight, exercise can help her to do just that. Eating right helps a lot, too, but being physically active helps her to burn off some of the calories that she takes in.

Improves Mobility and Balance

As your loved one moves more, she’ll become stronger and her body will be able to maintain balance better. Incorporating stretching exercises can also help her to become more limber and may help to improve her range of motion.

Improves Sleep

If your loved one is having trouble sleeping regularly, exercising can help her to fall asleep more quickly and to stay asleep once she’s there. She may also experience better quality sleep, which means a lot for overall health.

Once your loved one has a full grasp of all the ways that exercise can help her, she’ll be more likely to get on board with helping to create an exercise plan that works for her.

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