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Outstanding Caregiver of the Month January 2018 – Ernestina

Professional caregiving is a unique career. People enter this career for different reasons but mostly because they want to help someone. It’s a passion! They’re just wired that way.  

Some of our employees have shared stories with us that pull your heart strings and remind you of what’s good, true, and decent in life. They tell of the woman they took care of for 5 years and became just like family, being invited on vacations and to birthday parties, not because their help is needed but because the family wants them there!

The greatest caregivers have a light about them. They’re dependable, reliable, and knowledgeable. They help clients with activities of daily living like personal care, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and incontinence all while demonstrating patience and love and maintaining the client’s dignity and self-respect.  

Sometimes they are celebrated and appreciated. All too often, however, they are insulted or chastised by family members or the very people they’re working so hard to care for. Still they persevere. The caregivers say: “When they’re mean to me, I just back away and give them space.  I know they’re going through a difficult time, and they’ll eventually come around.” That’s the sign of a great caregiver, and that’s what we have in Ernestina.

We are so blessed and fortunate to have Ernestina working with Griswold Home Care. Her incredible work ethic is only second to her knowledge, compassion, and home care experience. Any family she has cared for lauds her with praise, gushing over her with compliments. Everyone loves Ernestina and rightfully so!

That’s why Ernestina earned Griswold Home Care’s award “Outstanding Caregiver of the Month” for January 2018.

Thank you for all you do Ernestina!

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