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Someone Who Cares About You

Senior man

His wife died from Alzheimer’s Disease, and he has lived alone for the past 15 years. He’s in the same home they shared for 40 years, and he’s unable to keep it the way it needs to be. He lives in Raleigh and has a son in Zebulon who can visit him every now and again but not as frequently as he’d like. He is a kind, gentle, and generous man who would give you the shirt off of his back. His health is not as good as it was, and he can’t do things he’d like to or frankly that he needs to do.

He knows my business is home care but, like many seniors and loved ones, doesn’t want to impose or put anyone out, so he won’t ask for help. 

“I’ll be just fine. Stop making a fuss,” he says.  

His home needs cleaning. He could use help with organization and personal care. And he would certainly benefit from some companionship. He used to walk his dog outside. But she died years ago, so he spends most of his days sitting inside. No one truly knows how lonely he is, but everyone agrees he would benefit from a companion or any social interaction. 

It’s easy to see the need for home care when someone suffers from Dementia, Parkinson’s, heart disease, or other serious diseases. Those people need help with activities of daily living like getting dressed, preparing meals, personal care, and medication reminders. People like my friend, however, are sometimes overlooked because no serious illness exists, and they are resistant to accepting any help. 

I’ve watched time and again how seniors benefit from home care and companionship. Social interaction is a real need, and having someone who cares about you and spends time with you is invaluable.

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