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Time Is a Bandit

Driver License Office‚Äč

Summer was coming to an end, and I was not happy about it—not happy at all! “What do you mean it’s over?”, I asked my grandmother. Granny Paul said to me, “Baby you just wait.” I was only 9, so I didn’t know what she meant at the time. But I sure understand now. I was still unhappy about things, so I half listened to what she said next. Granny said you might think time goes by quickly now, but as you get older, it goes even faster!

I had my first child, a baby boy, when I was 31, and life became busy immediately. I was so focused on keeping up with him that 3 and a half years whizzed by when our next child, a girl, arrived. My wife decided we could handle two beautiful, healthy children, and we said that was enough. The next few years flew by with lots of great experiences that I probably wouldn’t recall were it not for the stacks of scrapbooks my wife created. Thank you for doing that, Michelle. Those pictures remind me of the love and fun we had.

My wife and I aren’t finished yet, but we aren’t as young as we used to be either. My business is Griswold Home Care. We work in home health and non-medical home care, so I work closely every day with interesting, experienced seniors, each with life stories to tell. They smile when you talk about time passing so quickly, and they all say the same thing—“You just wait.” Can time really move faster than it seems to today? I sure hope not! These seniors tell of when they served in the military, ran for political office, or ran a marathon. They need our help today with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, ambulation, dementia, or personal care, but they were just like me and you not long ago. They were young, vibrant, and had all the time in the world—or so they thought.

Today is a good example for me. The little girl who cut her own hair while sucking on her pacifier is now driving. That’s exciting and scary for many reasons and is another reminder that time waits for no one. Whether you’re 30, 50, or 75, remember that time will pass quickly. Love those close to you, care deeply, serve others, and live for the day, because none of us knows how many we have left. To my granny Paul, I say thank you for warning me, and I’m sorry I didn’t listen. To my daughter, I say congratulations on getting your driver’s license. I love you and am proud of you. Now buckle up and remember. Time is a bandit.

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