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Aging in Place as a Family

  • Time Is a Bandit ​ Summer was coming to an end, and I was not happy about it—not happy at all! “What do you mean it’s over?”, I asked my grandmother. Granny Paul said to me, “Baby you just wait.” I was only 9, so I didn’t know what she meant at the time. But I sure understand now. I was ... Continue Reading


  • Caregivers and Empathy Family caregivers spend an average of 20 hours per week caring for their loved ones. 13% of those provide 40 or more hours of care a week, according to a National Alliance for Caregiving report. Being a caregiver is difficult. We all realize that, but can’t always identify ... Continue Reading
  • October 2018 Caregiver Awards Caregiver of the month, Gladys, pictured with office staff Jamie Supino (left) and Teresa Cooney (right) Each month at Griswold Home Care of Raleigh, we recognize two caregivers for their compassion, work ethic, and attitude. The two awards that are given each month are the ... Continue Reading
  • February 2018 Outstanding Caregiver of the Month, Christine Christine has been a caregiver with us for over 4 years, caring for her first client in Franklinton NC. For over 3 years, she cared for a wonderful man suffering from Alzheimer’s. He was forgetful and dependent on others for most things, but his smile never waned. There was ... Continue Reading
  • Outstanding Caregiver of the Month January 2018 – Ernestina Professional caregiving is a unique career. People enter this career for different reasons but mostly because they want to help someone. It’s a passion! They’re just wired that way. Some of our employees have shared stories with us that pull your heart strings and remind you ... Continue Reading

Elderly Care

  • Elderly Care Activities: Soda Bottle Tomato Planter Elderly Care in Wake Forest NC Activities, whether your senior does them with you or with her referred caregiver, are a wonderful way to enhance her elder care routine. Through these activities you can stimulate your parent’s mind, trigger her memories, strengthen her ... Continue Reading
  • Elder Care Recipes: Homemade Chow Mein Elder Care in Wake Forest NC Going out to eat with your aging parent can be a fun way to make just another day in your elder care journey with him more special, but ordering Chinese food can be extremely expensive, and you do not know the quality of the ingredients going ... Continue Reading
  • Elderly Care Tips: Questions to Ask Your Parent’s Doctor Before You Leave a Sick Visit Elderly Care in Raleigh, NC No matter how aggressive your germ control efforts and how carefully you care for your loved ones in an effort to keep them healthy and strong, it is likely that you are going to encounter a time when they catch one of the bugs that are going ... Continue Reading
  • Elder Care Tips: Choosing the Freshest Produce When Shopping for Your Loved Ones Elder Care in Raleigh, NC Integrating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your elder care plan for your aging loved ones is a fantastic way to help them pursue goals of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight as well as warding off a variety of health complications. If ... Continue Reading

Home Care

  • Perspective Transforms Relativity, M.C. Escher (1953) Perspective is more than just a positive mental attitude Which way is up? Although what we are looking at does not change, how we see it depends on our perspective. Our external circumstances often sway our thoughts and push us in a certain ... Continue Reading
  • I Have No Hands Mark answered the phone and I spoke. I told him I was in rehab, would be discharged soon, and would need home care to help me out around the house – a common request. “Tell me about yourself,” he asked. “Both my hands and legs were amputated, so I need help doing some ... Continue Reading
  • Off the Course: a Third Lesson Last week, I told the story of two lessons that I learned on a golf trip with men from my church. I learned a lot from them on that trip, but I also learned something off the course as well. In this post, I would like to share the lesson I learned from an audiobook I ... Continue Reading
  • Lessons from a Golf Trip I recently returned from a 4-day golf trip with 40 men from my church, Trinity Baptist, in Raleigh. It’s a January trip—cold and sometimes rainy—so there were reasons for going other than golf. Golf is a great sport for many reasons. It’s relaxing (if you’re playing well), ... Continue Reading

Senior Care

  • February Is Responsible Pet Owners Month Senior Care in Clayton NC For elderly adults who face loneliness and isolation, owning a pet can do wonders for health and happiness. Pets can be loving and affectionate companions that help elderly adults to reduce depression, elevate their mood and self-esteem, and even ... Continue Reading
  • How to Spice up a Simple Salad Senior Care in Wake Forest, NC Salads filled with fresh veggies can make for healthy, nutrient-rich meals all year long. They are a great way for elderly adults to get fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals without any added sugars, trans fats, or artificial ingredients. ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Care Tips: Unique Ways to Use Christmas Ornaments Throughout Your Parents’ Home Senior Care in Raleigh, NC The Christmas season is a fun and meaningful time for you to be on a senior care journey with your aging loved ones. Not only do you have the chance to celebrate this special holiday with your family, but you can also integrate the traditions and ... Continue Reading
  • A Note on Care: Companionship to Friendship Home Care Referral Services in Wake Forest, NC I’m not sure what started the habit, but for a long time I have enjoyed looking up different types of quotes– motivational, inspirational, wise, and even comical. I guess it fascinates me to see the core of what people believe, ... Continue Reading

Senior Care Advice

  • 6 Great Ways to Make Your Elderly Loved One’s Home Safer Senior Care in Clayton, NC – Making Improvements to Prevent Falls at Your Loved One’s Home Has your senior ever had a scary fall? Are you the family caregiver now and you both are concerned about whether it will happen again, maybe when you aren’t there? There are some steps ... Continue Reading